Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kick-Ass Opening Line

Last week’s challenge: “The Secret Door.”

I love a good opening line.

You lead with a great first line in a story, man, that’s just hooks you right away, doesn’t it? It’s like a key to a door. Opens up the world and your interest in it lickety-split.

So, that’s what I want from you.

I want you to write one opening line.

And then I’ll pick three.

And if those three people are in the United States, I’ll send them a copy of my book, The Blue Blazes, when it comes out. If you’re in the UK or anywhere else across the big wide world, you may have to settle for a digital copy, but I’ll make sure to get you one just the same.

Now, some rules:

A line means one sentence, not two, not three.

You get one entry, not two, not three.

Put your entry in the comments below.

I’ll pick three of my favorites by the close of Thursday the 11th (11:59PM) and then the following challenge next Friday will be for you folks to pick one of the three opening lines and write a story based on it. Which means you also might want to take a gander at these suggestions:

Shorter is better than longer.

Try too to keep in mind that you’re writing an opening line for other stories; the trick is to write something engaging while still writing a line that could apply to a great many styles and genres of story. Something that appeals and hooks in this case not just readers but other writers, too.

You’re writing lines for potential, is my point.

That’s how I’ll pick my favorites. Based on their potential to make interesting stories.

So! You’ve got a little less than one week.

One opening line. Let’s see what you’ve got.


448 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kick-Ass Opening Line”

  1. I swear that this thing is not powered by electricity, but by a process of Satan’s ass crack spawned cosmic osmosis that sucks rainbows from the sky and the happiness from frolicking Unicorns and puppies.

  2. When Cicero said, ‘You may trust him in the dark’ he wasn’t talking about me — not then, and certainly not now.

  3. I was a rookie reconnoitering his first crime scene and it had been raining hard all afternoon.

  4. It won’t matter now, but i came up with an idea for an opening line: Where I come from people say that life is an open door, but if thats true what is imortality?

  5. People die all the time, but you never really believe it’ll happen to you, especially after it all ready has.

  6. „Now that is what I call a high quality steak knife“, she said, smiling as she cut though muscle and bone of her third victim this week, looking into his panicked eyes.

  7. This is not an opening line. Chuck, dude, I do not envy you having to wade your way through the 265 comments (thus far). Sorry to add to the problem. I will drink a whisky in sympathy (it’s a blended malt scotch, I hope you karmically receive the smoky flavours)

  8. I hastily jerked a spear out of a dead man in tattered, bloody business attire before hurrying into The Elevator with the other, panting survivors.

  9. This, thought Ryan Curley as the young woman in the Quality Control Booth splayed trembling thighs and loosed another pathetic whimper of pleasure, is not what I went to college for.

  10. “Holy shit, the bread machine is not supposed to do that”, she thought as she surveyed the carnage in the kitchen; it was far too early on a Sunday morning and she needed a very strong coffee before she could face calling the cops.

  11. The floor shuddered beneath my feet; I’d always known that I was going to go out in a blaze of glory, but this was just ridiculous.

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