Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

America’s Hot Moist Land-Wang, Here I Come

I should probably take care with naming my blog posts.

Oh well.


I am making my way to Florida April 13th through the 16th.

Flying to Fort Lauderdale, visiting Miami and the Keys, and then fleeing the moist, tacky heat and ocean-fed breeze in order to return to the woodland embrace of Pennsylvania.

As noted the other day, I am thinking of doing a kind of ninja book signing / Q&A / hangout / breakfast-or-booze thing while down there.

Some folks expressed interest! Which is good. Because otherwise you’re going to make me drink alone and sign books for myself, which is probably the epitome of sad (BUT SCREW IT I’LL DO IT). I feel like doing it that Saturday (the 13th) makes the most sense, since, well, it’s a Saturday. That’s the day I get in, but I arrive early thanks to a direct flight.

Probably need to start thinking about, y’know, where this will happen. A park? A bar? A mall? Inside a shark tank? On a cocaine-filled speedboat as we escape the po-po?

But seriously: any ideas as to where to go in and around Miami or Ft. Lauderdale?

Ideally somewhere where we can eat and drink and talk. AND KILL.

I mean, not that last part.

Lemme know too if you think you’re down with the ninja-author-hangout.