Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

The Sound Of Hammers Hammering And Saws Sawing

Obviously, as you might could tell, I’m tweaking the site here more than a little. It’ll be in flux for the next week or so, I wager — so, until the dust settles, apologies for any wonkiness that happens here.

And, also, I’ve been made aware that the site, as it republished the static pages menu, shit-bombed some folks’ RSS feeds — so for that, another heaping helping of apologies. (The weird part is, I think it sent out some unsent cached  contact emails from the Contact Form? Why the fuck it would do that is beyond me.)

I’m going to get my portfolio sorted between today and tomorrow.

Also: the font in these blog posts is too damn small. Anybody know how to up the font size? I was to understand it was part of my blog’s theme settings but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m obviously going to have to tweak CSS but I am no CSS expert. Thanks again for your patience and help and liquor-hugs.