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Bait Dog: $1.99

Hey, check it —

For today — yes, yes, blah blah, CYBORG MONDAY or whatever — my novel Bait Dog (which also contains the novella Shotgun Gravy) about a troubled teenage detective-slash-vigilante named Atlanta Burns is $1.99.

Snippet of a review from Govneh, aka “The Russian:”

“This story is absolutely gripping. In true Atlanta style, our heroine willfully and knowingly throws herself into situations that are way over her head, armed with nothing but a sharp tongue, uncooperative attitude and at times, a shotgun. We watch, helpless, as she slowly digs herself into a deeper and deeper hole. Throughout, however, she remains unwilling to compromise what’s right for what’s easy. When presented with a chance to erase her mom’s mortgage woes, to get one of the big players in town off her back, to remove herself from a volatile situation, Atlanta bargains the way Atlanta knows how-a big Fuck You with a shotgun shell.

Wendig does well writing Atlanta both a petulant teen and an unwilling hero. On one hand she’s surly, she’s rude, she can’t cope with her emotions and gets an F+ in ‘plays nice with others’. On the other, she’ll go to hell and back for her friends, she’ll stand up to the bad guys and she’s not afraid to sacrifice to make sure people pay for what they’ve done. Atlanta is strong but Atlanta is broken; she’s a social pariah but the hero of the freaks, the geeks  and the outcasts. It doesn’t alwaysjust get better, sometimes you have to make it better and if you need help, Atlanta is there.”

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