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Blackbirds For Best Horror 2012?

So, holy crap. Blackbirds — thanks, I believe, in part to folks who wrote-in votes for the book — is on the opening round list for the Goodreads Choice Awards this year for Best Horror.

I would, of course, be tickled in the pink parts if you went over there and voted for the book — provided, of course, that you liked the book and also that you didn’t find some of the other entrants more worthy (which would not surprise me, as I’m in the company of some incredible storytellers like Seanan McGuire, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, and one of my own personal writing heroes, Joe Lansdale. Not to mention one of my favoritest novels of last year, Alex Adams’ White Horse).

You can swing over to the Choice Awards voting page by clicking this clicky spot.

I’m also voting like a motherfucker for Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon in the fantasy portion, because it’s a helluva book — and a fresh face on the fantasy genre.

Thanks for everybody who supported the book and wrote reviews and said nice things to me — it’s really pretty cool to have a book out there that people are digging on. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Skywrite your recommendations in the heavens with a plume of toxic contrails! Woooo!

Other News

I’m writing like a motherfucker these days. I’m currently hurtling through The Blue Blazes, my next book with Angry Robot — wherein I smash together the criminal underworld and the mythic and monstrous Underworld in one big crazy urban fantasy book.

That’ll be done by December.

Then I got my edits back on likely-to-be-retitled Popcorn, the first book of my Heartland YA “cornpunk” trilogy — and holy hell, the edits came to me via UPS. Written by hand on a giant bison-bludgeoning print-out of the book. Old-school editorial. Anyway — then I work through those edits (which are fairly light) while also starting the next Dinocalypse book.

Then: The Cormorant, which is the third book in the Miriam Black series.

Then: probably the next Atlanta Burns novel, tentatively titled Harum Scarum.

Then: next Heartland book.

Then: next Dinocalypse book.

Then: final Heartland book.

Then: I have no idea what happens after that. Though I’ve got a cool transmedia project in the wings that’ll take me to Vancouver in December and maybe a few film things percolating. And did I mention that I’m working on a script for a Shotgun Gravy film? True story.

I guess I start writing some new shit. And maybe another Miriam Black or Mookie Pearl book? No idea what the future holds, only that I’m happy and fortunate to have this career as a novelist appear out of the fog to carry me through the next two years or so.