Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Books That Have Left Their Mark Upon Your Heart

A good book tends to do two things in unequal measure:

It makes you think.

It makes you feel.

It’s the latter I want to ask about today.

Tell us about a book that made you feel something. That affected you deeply.

Tell us what it is, by whom, and how-slash-why it affected you.

To pause for a moment and to define “affected” — I don’t mean something glib like, “It bored me.” Yes, that’s technically an effect, but not what I mean. I mean a book that cut deep. That made you feel griefstruck or giddy, that somehow birthed in you an emotion or effect not normally expected. A book that punches hard. A book that leaves scars or tattoos, big or small. That broke your heart, or maybe mended it.

I’ll hang up and wait for your call.