Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Ingredients Make A Story

Last week’s challenge is — “Scary Story In Three Sentences.” Check it.

I’m going to give you ten “ingredients” for a story.

You will choose five of them and write a ~1000 word story based on those five.

Your tale is due by October 26th at noon, EST.

Post at your online space, then link back here.

Here, then, are the ten potential ingredients. Choose wisely.

A Mysterious Rabbit

An Unborn Child

A Missing Corpse

A Broken Music Box

An Ancient Curse

A Half-Burned Notebook

A Sudden Storm

An Indestructible Tree

A Venomous Creature

An Impossible Doorway

38 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Ingredients Make A Story”

  1. Oh my goodness. I had this all set up neatly. My five ingredients were : an unborn child; an ancient curse; a half-burned notebook; a broken music-box; and an impossible doorway. Perfect, great.

    Only trouble is, the story is now up to 2,300 words and still going strong. So once again, many thanks for the prompt, Chuck, but the story is no longer flash and I won’t post it to my site but instead I’ll try to find a market for it.

  2. This story started in one direction, then veered off in an entirely new one. Not sure exactly what planet my brain was on while I was writing it.

    My ingredients: An unborn child, a missing corpse, a broken music box, a half-burned notebook, and a venomous creature.

    The result: A Crime of Passion

  3. Well, I finished mine, but at 1800 words it was too long.

    So, for a change of pace, I decided to submit it instead. First submission in 2 years, second in the last 5 or 6 years. Sure, why not.

    If it gets published, the blog gets a shoutout.

    I ask you, how can a publisher refuse a story that features a lisping rabbit?

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