Last week’s challenge — “The Epic Game Of Aspects Redux” — is there for your eyeballs.

Here’s how this week’s challenge works.

I’m going to give you five titles.

You will either:

a) Choose one of these titles for a new piece of flash fiction.


b) Remix the titles (adding no new words of your own) to create a new title which, well, duh, you will then use to compose a new piece of flash fiction.

Get it? Got it? GOBBA GOOBA.

The five titles are:

“The Monkey’s Pageant.”

“Dead-Clock’s Revenge.”

“The Black Lighthouse.”

“Bright Stars Gone To Black.”

“Plastic Dreams & Doll Desires.”

You’ve got one week. Due by Friday the 12th, noon EST.

You have up to 1000 words.

Any genre will do.

Post at your space. Link back here.

Now. Grab a title off the table and go.