Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Pitch, Promo, Publicize, And Pimp For Others Right Here, Right Now

Once again, the Circus of Pimpage is open.

Here’s the deal, though —

You can’t pimp yourself.

At all.

So put that out of your fool head.

You should try to convince us to check out something by someone else. A book, a film, a YouTube video, a comic, a transmedia sex experience, an undead pterodactyl ride through Satan’s Palace, whatever.

You should pimp one thing, and one thing only.

It can be by a friend or someone you’ve never met.

Long as it’s not you pimping your own thing.

To be clear, you pimping your own thing will summon the Comment Deletion Robots, who will laser your face off. Or, at least, your comment. Because they’re mean like that. Hey, I didn’t program them.



I’ll pimp something right here, right now —

I’m reading Seven Wonders, by my pal Adam Christopher.

It’s a comic book in novel form — it is both an homage to early-age comic books and a subversion of them at the same time (many of the “heroes” are kinda dicks).

Ever read the comic book Astro City?

Think that, but in novel form.

You can read more about the book at Adam’s site. And, of course, procure it.

Now, the rest of you — get thee to the pimpery.