Flash Fiction Challenge: “Must Love Time Travel”

Last week’s challenge — “The Android and the Wondering Chamber.”

Yesterday I had the fortune of interviewing Misters Hornshaw and Hurwitch (who sound the purveyors of fine meats) about their funny book on time travel (So You Created A Wormhole).

As such, I thought, well, let’s carry the ball forward a little bit.

You have 1000 words in which to write a story where “time travel” is a prominent feature.

Anything and everything else can feature —

As long as it has time travel.

Post at your online space, then link back here in the comments.

You have, as always, a wee widdle week. Due by noon EST on Friday, July 27th.


53 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Must Love Time Travel””

  1. […] and two short novels for early teens. His books are for sale in our Bookstore. Chuck Wendig is responsible again. He has a lot to answer for. This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge required us to “love […]

  2. […] other news, I’m going to take another crack at a Chuck Wendig Writing Challenge. This time it’s about time travel, which has always been a very interesting subject to me. […]

  3. I brought back a character from a previous challenge…And I’m not sure I like him. In fact, I’m sure I don’t. The guy’s a jerk. So, what would a jerk do with a time machine?

    An Inappropriate Use of Time Travel

    Like the character, I think the story itself is a little uneven. I have to be honest with you–probably not my best work. But I’m not going to bang out Shakespeare every time my knuckles drag across the keyboard. If I only had more time to work on it.

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