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Transmissions From Toddler-Town: “Feed Me, Seymour”

Baby B-Dub continues to be an adorable human tornado. He is in many ways the butterfly that spawns the storm and the storm the butterfly spawns. He is chaos theory. He is delight.

I mean, he’s not always delight.

There’s the separation anxiety, and the teething, and the moodiness.

You know. The toddler stuff.

But one of the fun things now is feeding him food that is adult or almost adult in origin — stuff that doesn’t need to be pureed or chopped quite so finely, stuff that he can gnaw through even with his meager two bottom teeth. Sometimes, the kid is a bonafide eating machine.

So, I come to you Parental Humans Of The Internet and I ask:

What do you (or did you) feed your toddlers?

I’m looking for recipes, if anybody is willing to share.