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Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Setting

Last week’s challenge: “Eight Random Words.”

It’s time again to choose the setting for this week’s flash fiction challenge! I’ve cobbled together a list — you will pick one from the list and use it as the setting in your story. I’m just making these up — so, for instance, the “Bone Cathedral” is not a thing that has any particular definition to it. You interpret these as you see fit.

The settings are:

“The Bone Cathedral”

“Aisle Nine In The Grocery Store”

“The Venom Club”

“The Tower of Babel”

“Suburban Meth Lab”

“Tiny’s Taco Hut”

Choose one.

Write about it.

You’ve got up to 1000 words.

Post at your online space, then link back here.

Done by June 15th (Friday), noon EST.