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Seeking Interviewees For The Thursday Interviewpalooza

I’ve got a few more interviews coming up — the guys behind So You Created A Wormhole, Ann LeMay, comedian Dylan Brody, plus all the questions you crazy kids sent in to me — but just the same, it’s time again that I start fishing for new torture interview subjects.

As you may know, I use this spot to interview storytellers. That can be anybody, really — authors, filmmakers, songwriters, comedians, comic book creators, editors, game and experience designers, etc.

This has two components — as a reader, feel free in the comments below to recommend some folks you want me to interview. I can’t promise it’ll work out, but hey, drop some names.

The second component is if you are a storyteller who’d like to be interviewed in this very space.

Now, let me put my Warning, Cranky Shithead hat on for one teeny-weenie moment:

First, this isn’t a marketing tool. Ideally, yes, the interview will spread word about your books and games and whatever else you’re doing, and I’m happy if that coincides nicely with some release of yours. Just the same, this has to be an entertaining interview for the readers of this blog. They’re the reason this thing exists. So, ask yourself: “Do I make good interview material?” Do you have interesting ideas? A compelling journey? Thoughts on the subject of writing and storytelling (as this blog is focused on those things)?

Second, I want accomplished storytellers — I’m open to interviewing self-published authors (as I am one myself), but here’s the thing: given self-publishing’s incredibly low (read: non-existent) bar to entry, I tend to get a lot of self-published authors who want in but don’t really seem to have much worth talking about. Again that question: “Do I make good interview material?” If you find me prejudiced against self-published writers, that’s because self-published writers have made me prejudiced against self-published writers.

So! All that being said —

Want in on an interview slot? Hit me up at:

terribleminds at gmail dot com.

Make sure “INTERVIEW” is in the subject of your email, yeah?

Now, I tend to get a flood of these emails, so I will try to work my way through and answer you. Forgive any delay on my part there, but as Miriam Black says, “It is what it is.”

Feel free to tell me in the email why you’d make a good interview subject. Also, if I don’t know you at all, I may ask to see something of yours — say, your book — so I know who you are and what you do. You can either email me said “thing” or I can provide you with a mailing address if need be.

And that’s all she wrote.