Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Pimp Circus And Promopalooza

It’s hard out there for us creative types. Getting the word out is tricky business.

So, let’s open the comments below for you to get out word about [Insert Your Project Name Here]. In lieu of an interview today pimping a particular author, you should feel free to pimp yourself. Why pimp here, you ask? Well, this month I’m averaging 11-12k readers a day. Hopefully, you’ll reach new audience?

Fingers crossed.

But but but. There’s a catch.

Here’s how this works:

You can, as noted, pimp your work.

Anything at all.

Novel. Blog. Comic. Movie. Napkin with a drawing of your penis on it. WHATEVER.

Ah, but —

You must also pimp something else by someone else.

Alternately, you can of course just be a pop culture altruist and recommend something to us without pimping any of your own work. Which would be lovely of you, you lovely human.

So, hop to it. Strap on a corset and some garters and shake that moneymaker.

Which was originally typed as “monkeymaker.”

I think I like that better, actually.

Anyway. Do your thing.

Oh! And do peruse the comments. Might find something you like, after all.