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What Do You Want To See From Terribleminds?

So, the new year looms and I start to slowly, groggily come out of my holiday coma (just before I tackle New Year’s Eve and guzzle liquor with friends) to start prepping the terribleminds Kickstarter for the New Year. The Kickstarter, as noted, will in part go toward making this site financially viable, but it will also have a concrete goal of updating this site somewhat (a terribleminds 2.0, if you will).

What I’m asking is, what do you want to see here in the new year?

Both in terms of content and in terms of changes to the actual site itself.

I do plan on putting up an e-store with merch. Though I’d love to know what kind of merch you’d be interested in seeing? Any suggestions would be appreciated and high-fived and sloppily-tongue-kissed.

But really, I’m talking about anything: what would make your terribleminds reading experience a better one? Give a shout. I’ll see if it goes on the list.