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Flash Fiction Challenge: “An Affliction Of Alliteration”

First and foremost, I still have to award my favorite 100-word story from the last challenge (“Frog Powder Seagull Tower Scissors“).

I’ve chosen three, actually, because I had too many good ones from which to choose!

My favorites:


Paul Tevis

Albert Berg

I loved all three because they took me places I did not expect to go, and did so with great brevity, weirdness, and feeling. Kudos, you three. Contact me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. I’ll get you your e-books!

Now, onto today’s challenge —

And, let’s put this upfront, you’re playing for a signed copy of DOUBLE DEAD in paperback, by yours truly. I will pay for shipping if you’re in the United States. If not, you’ll either have to pay for shipping or be happy instead with an e-book version gifted from Amazon. Diggit? Diggit.

Here’s what I want:

I don’t want stories about vampires. That’d be too easy.

I instead want to play off the title — Double Dead — and have some fun with alliteration.

Alliteration is, of course, the repetition of a singular sound at the beginning of two or more connected words: “Tiny Trees,” or “Ten Tin Typewriters” or “Fez-Fuckers From Fort Frances.”

I want you to come up with a title that uses alliteration. Two or more words.

Then write a story — no more than 1,000 words — to go along with that title.

Seriously, now: no stories about vampires. None. Bzzt. Don’t do it. Otherwise: any genre is a-okay.

Write your stories online somewhere — your own blog, perhaps, or Tumblr, or G+ — and link back here so we can all see it. Feel free to link back to here from that post, too.

You have one week.

December 10th.

Noon EST.

Get writing. One of you gets the tales of Coburn the vampire.


I had to go with: Because Baby, Everything’s Exercise.

Chris Stonebender went apeshit with language and, given the challenge being one *about* language, well, I went with it.

It’s a twisted tale of — well, I don’t even know what to call it.

Chris –

contact me at terribleminds at gmail and we’ll get you set up with a copy of DOUBLE DEAD.