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Well, Holy Crap, It’s Time To Give Away A Kindle

Hot dang.

CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY has sold almost 900 copies since it dropped, and since starting the Penmonkey Incitement Program we’re actually up to 509 sold.

Which means it’s time to give away:

a) Another postcard

b) Another t-shirt

c) Holy shit, a Kindle.

I will be giving away a Kindle Touch ($99), to be specific.

Here’s how this works.

I draw randomly from the list of names of those who have procured COAFPM — the trick is, if I don’t know that you purchased it, then I don’t know to pick your name. I’m not psychic.

If you bought it via PDF: I have your information already, no need for you to worry or do anything.

If you bought it via Amazon or B&N, I do not possess this information automatically. Which means you need to send me proof-of-purchase to terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com. (Many have already sent in your names, and those that have do not need to re-send that information.)

I will pick the names tomorrow (Friday) at noon (EST).

Which means you have until then to still procure COAFPM and get me the information if you want to be in on the Kindle draw. At present your chances are pretty good: 1/250 or so.

And I will also be picking for the postcard and t-shirt.

Note that both t-shirt and Kindle are U.S. residents only. Sorry. Only way I can send to international residents is if they’re willing to pay the overseas shipping. (Which is fine, but let me know that.)

Come back here to this post — this is where I’ll be making the pick.

To procure the book ($4.99):

Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), Nook, or PDF.



TAMELA RITTER wins herself a Kindle Touch!

CHRISTIAN TOMSEY wins a Penmonkey t-shirt!

And sending out two postcards, too (since we just crossed over the 550 mark) —

Samuraigerbil and joe-in-ey!


And don’t forget — another 450 sales and we give away another Kindle.