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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Brand New Monster”

If you missed it, last week’s brand new worldbuilding challenge — “Blackbloom” — is still going strong at 100+ entries. Come, define a new world. I’ll pick the best of the bunch on the last Friday of this month (and all worldbuilding challenges will fall to the last Friday of every month).

It’s October.

Time of pumpkins, devils, and the flesh of the innocent stitched into a double-breasted tuxedo.

It’s a month of horror.

And so I feel like the first flash challenge (and maybe all of ’em, who knows) should focus on horror. Right? Right. Or, at least, monsters. Here, then, is your task: I want to see a brand new monster. Something you’ve never seen before. Not a vampire. Fuck the zombies. No werewolves or ghouls or ghosts or demons or witches or Snookis. I want you to the best of your ability write a story featuring a Brand New Monster of your own creation.

Doesn’t actually have to be a horror story. Monsters can feature in all manner of story, after all.

Maybe the story is from the perspective of the victims. Maybe it’s from the POV of the monster.

I trust you to handle it with aplomb and awesomeness.

You have 1000 words or less.

You should complete your fiction by next Friday, October 14th, at noon EST.

Post at your blog or online somewhere. Link back here so we can see it.

I’ll pick a random participant to receive —

Well, I don’t really know what you’ll receive.

It’ll be a surprise to you. And to me, apparently.

Go forth, Doctor Penmonkeystein.

Conjure a new creature for us all to gaze upon.

In wonderment.

And in horror.