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Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words On The Subject Of Revenge

Plucked From The Pages Of History” is the prior week’s challenge, and I ask — nay, demand! — you go check it out. Right now. No, no, I’ll wait.

Revenge. Powerful topic, innit? To strike back. To give what they got comin’.

To pay a debt that burns deep in the heart like a smoldering coal.

So, that’s what I want you to write about.


Here’s the trick, though — it is such a potent subject, and yet I want you to increase its potency by compressing the story’s density like the aforementioned coal until a sharp and deadly diamond is formed.

You do not have 1000 words.

You only have 100.

And again, we’re talking a complete story in 100 words, not a poetic exercise, not a vignette captured in time, not the beginning of a story or just its ending. The whole kaboodle. An entire tale.

Doesn’t matter what genre. Crime is an easy one, but don’t feel married to that. Fantasy? Sci-fi? Erotica? Whatever you want, throw it at the wall, see what sticks.

From that bunch I’ll pick a favorite and that winner will get a copy of my newest writing-related e-book in PDF format. REVENGE OF THE PENMONKEY. Chock full of inkslinging goodness.

I still prefer you post the 100 words at your own site, but if you don’t have one, you can deposit the tale in the comments below. Make sure to link to your story if posted elsewhere.

You’ve got the usual week. September 9th, by noon EST.

Now, get to sinning. It’s time to enact your vengeance.



I have chosen.

Not one, but five favorites. As always,a hard choice, but that’s life in the big city.

The five (all of whom need to contact me to procure a free copy of ROTPM):

Bob Bois

Samantha Mathis

Jess Hartley

CY Reid

Amber (she of “Raising The Stakes”)

Hit me at terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com or use the Contact form above.

Thanks, peeps!