Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s Right, I Said “Unicorn”

Last week’s challenge — “An Uncharted Apocalypse” — had some amazing stories, so you should go check ’em out. I’m going to take the weekend pick my favorite five and then toss those five folks a copy of my newest e-book, 250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING.

I like unicorns.

I mean, not in the sense that I have hundreds of unicorn collectibles on my shelves — *hurries to drop a blanket over my shelves* — it’s just, dang, unicorns crack me up. A pretty white horse with a big horn sticking out of his head and, boom, that’s it. Instant mythological favorite the world around. It’s an absurd animal.

Real reason I talk about unicorns so much — *quick runs to tear down wall of unicorn posters — is that the “unicorn” represents that kind of bullshit special snowflake precious writer mystique, right? The same people who believe a glittery Muse is going to fill their heads with hot notions are the same people who probably believe a unicorn is how babies are made.

Unicorns are just really weird and really goofy.

*darts to closet, slams door before you can see the unicorn cosplay outfits*


Thus, it seems high time to have a unicorn-themed flash fiction challenge.

I want you to incorporate the unicorn into your 1000-word story.

I don’t care how, but you get bonus points for thinking creatively or doing something different with the creature that we haven’t seen or don’t otherwise expect. Bring some attitude to it.

Any genre will do.

You’ve got one week. Friday, July 29th, by noon EST.

Get on it.

Oh! And this week, I’ll pick one favorite.

That favorite will get all three of my e-books.

Peace in the Middle East, yo.

94 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s Right, I Said “Unicorn””

  1. I was home sick today so I though I would give this flash fiction thing a try. I, too, have no unicorn collection (slams closed the drawer of unicorn bookmarks, and stands strategically in front of the display cabinet with the Venitian glass unicorn).
    My story, Initiation, appears at
    Wow, that is cumbersom to write out. And I don’t know how to make it a link. But I really want to win those books; so cut, paste, and enjoy!

  2. I will post my own story later, but I’d like to give a shout out to the best unicorn story I ever read: “Princess Pretty Pants” by Meg Cabot in the Zombies Vs Unicorns anthology. Seriously, awesomest unicorn ever.

  3. (Psst, R.S.W. and Tara — Crazy thanks for your kind words, guys, and sorry I made it so difficult to comment! I hadn’t even thought about adding a comment box to that shiz.)

  4. I know you’re all waiting for my story. Have patience; I had to do some research, because it’s important to be accurate.
    Generally, I don’t read anyone elses story until after I post mine, to make sure I don’t accidentally take any ideas.

  5. Travis Cole, Quinn – I can’t access your story, your site doesn’t load. Is the link correct? Does it work for others?

    Tumblr peeps, still can’t comment on your stories to tell you how good they are. Psibreaker, your story was very entertaining.

    Hilary Monahan – that was the best thing I’ve read in quite some time! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    I feel like the quality of stories here just get better and better with each round.

  6. No story in me, but this is something else.. It won the parallel lines contest .

    Contest rules were a short file using 6 lines of dialogue.
    “What is that?”, “It’s a unicorn”, “Never seen one up close before”, “Beautiful”, “Get away, get away”, and “I’m sorry”.

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