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Unexpected Guest: Chuck’s Picks

Here, then, are my Top Ten favorite flash fiction bits from the “Unexpected Guest” challenge. It was a hard pick — I had to keep whittling it down and down and down. I will say that some folks fell out of the running due to things like formatting: tiny font or muddy dark backgrounds make it very difficult to read the fiction. A few others had great stories but were a little messy in terms of writing (spelling, grammar, and so forth).

Anyway, here they be — if you’re one of the ten, please hit me up using the contact form in the menu bar, and I’ll swing you an e-book copy of either IRREGULAR CREATURES or CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY. Thanks all for diving in, this was awesome stuff.

(Apologies for just making this a list of links — but with a baby on my lap, this is the easiest fastest way for me to get these links and this post out there!)