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Flash Fiction Challenge: “From Mab To The Mysterious Three”

Last week’s flash fiction challenge — “Profanity Is A Circle Of Language” — awaits your eyes with many foul-mouthed entries. Check the comments, click the links.

And now we begin this week’s challenge.

As noted, I am a huge fan of the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. It is one of the essential reference books in my collection — I use the Wordsworth version in print, and Brewer’s online. It’s wonderful for weird turns-of-phrase, for finding neat genre concepts, for plumbing the depths of odd history, and best of all, for coming up with concepts and titles.

Thus is your mission.

This week: Please turn (click) to the ‘M’ section of Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Click around. Find an awesome term that you like that starts with “M.”

That is your title and your concept.

Write some flash fiction around it.

This week, should you choose to claim it, you may have 1500 words instead of the normal 1000. Just to give you a little extra sauce if your tale requires it. Drop a link in the comments here, and if you’re so kind, link to this post so that others may find it and, ideally, jump in with both feet.

Once again you’ve a week. Friday to Friday. Ends on May 21st.

So, what will you choose? The Marrow Controversy? Melancholy Jacques? The Mirror of Human Salvation? Your options are endless. Well, okay, not literally endless, but c’mon. Sheesh.

Go forth. Scare up a phrase or fable, and let’s see what you got.

I’d quite like to see some lurkers de-lurk for this challenge, by the way. The gauntlet is thrown.