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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Cocktail

First and foremost:

Last week’s flash fiction challenge is here — The Unexplained Must Be Explained. Stories may be coming in throughout the day, so feel free to check back over yonder.


Welcome back. It’s time, again, to play with flash fiction the way a cat plays with a dead mouse. Batting it back and forth. Bringing it to your owners to show off. Making little Prada handbags out of it.

Today’s challenge: choose a cocktail, and name your story after it. The great thing is, you have a lot of leeway here: the cocktails that exist in this world are nigh-endless. From the common (Dirty Martini, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour) to the WTF (Satan’s Whiskers, Electric Smurf, Monkey Gland). The story doesn’t need to incorporate the cocktail, though you’re certainly welcome to do that.

Also: bonus points if you give the cocktail recipe after the story. Because, fuck it, we’re all lushes here, right? Right. High-five, those whose livers look like beach-balls or peach-pits.

Here’s the tweak:

You only have 500 words this go around.

And, the goal is still to use those 500 words to tell a full story, not just a vignette. Remember, flash fiction ideally has a beginning, middle, and an end; they’re just trimmed, sharpened, heightened.

Standard rules apply. Post at your blog. Link back here if you’d like. Then post a link (don’t rely on the trackback) in the comments in this post. Any questions, shoot ’em my way.

I think I will once more begin aggregating the links because, frankly, I think it made it easier to view the links. I’m going to try to keep on it as they come in, through, for ease of attack.

Get thee to writing, you ink-stained drunken baboons!

[EDIT: Doh, I didn’t make clear: You’ve got one week, till the close of next Friday, 4/15.]

The Stories

Lindsay Mawson, “A.S.S. On Flames

Josin McQuein, “Flaming Moe

Anthony Laffan, “Satan’s Whiskers

Quinn Slater, “Camel Piss

McDroll, “The Smokey Carburetor

Madison Morris, “Sex With Captain Or Babymomma

Aiwevanya, “Bloody Mary

Anthony Schiavino, “Jack Rose

Dan O’Shea, “Bloody Mary

AB, “The Corpse Reviver

Shauna Granger, “Irish Gold

Stephanie Belser, “Zombie

Sparky, “Rattlesnake

Eck, “Tee Many Martini

Neliza Drew, “Paradise

Tim Kelley, “Primal Scream

Bob Bois, “Lucy On The Floor

KD James, “Tom Collins

Pia Newman, “Swimming Pool

Angie Arcangioli, “Negroni Splash

Carolyn E. Bentley, “Mugging In Moscow

Tara Tyler, “J Is For Jello Shooter

Marlan, “Mad Cow Special

Seth, “Moscow Mule

Paul Vogt, “Snake In The Grass

Dan Wright, “Gin And Sin

Tribid, “G&T

Joseph McGee, “A Murder Of Crows

C.M. Stewart, “Tom Cullen