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Shackleton’s Scotch: A Flash Fiction Challenge

Of Ice And Blood

This is the stuff that flash fiction is made of, kids.

Your reading material: “Explorers’ Century-Old Whisky Found In Antarctic.”

When Ernest Shackleton abandoned the trip 100 miles from its completion, he left behind his whisky. And they just found it. Someone’s going to drink it. They might even try to replicate it.

It’s an awesome story all by itself.

But seems to me that from this seed-bed of awesomeness can grow a kick-ass tale.

So, you’ve got 1000 words.

The story should be in some way directly or obliquely tied to the notion of “Shackleton’s Scotch.”

Doesn’t matter if the story is genre or otherwise. Just make it awesome.

Write it up on your own personal bloggery-spaces, then toss the link here in the comments.

No prize. No voting. Just write a kick-ass flash fiction tale because you want to write a kick-ass flash fiction tale. If you’re asking yourself why do it… well, nobody’s making you. But this is a good place to reveal your fiction and show off some skills. Also a good place to forge community and connections — not in a professional exploitation way but in the, “Hey, I’ve never read your stuff before, it’s awesome, I want to have your word babies” way.

You’ve got one week. We’ll revisit this topic next Friday (2/25), see what came up and out of your diseased little minds. Jump right in with both feet. Shackleton’s Scotch.