Wuzza Wooza Wendig?

It's another gut-level shotgun blast of news and updates and other nonsensery from yours truly. Want to see the Mockingbird cover? The Bad Blood cover? Read some reviews for Blackbirds? Or Shotgun Gravy? Are you stalking me? Are you in my shrubs? Potential stalkers: let me help you. Here, then, is what I'm up to.

What’s The Poop, Wendig?

The Bait Dog Kickstarter went live yesterday around 1pm, and by 10:30 or so, the book was at 100% funding. So, Atlanta Burns will officially get her standalone novel where she goes toe-to-toe with a dog-fighting ring and a town-wide conspiracy built on the backs of bigotry. Thank you, awesome humans, for helping make that happen.

The Bait Dog Kickstarter Is A-Go

Atlanta Burns. Teenage girl with a shotgun. Standing up for the used and abused, the bullied and the beaten. A little bit Veronica Mars. A touch of Raylan Givens. Add a dash of Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Now, she wants a ride in her first novel, and so I give you: BAIT DOG. Well, I don't give it to you yet, I guess -- Because BAIT DOG has a Kickstarter drive.

The Experiment Ends (And Other News)

As of late, a number of folks have noticed a phenomenon. You put your work up for free, and then when it once more re-enters paid gravity, suddenly the book becomes a Purchasing Magnet whereupon droves and flocks and herds and gaggles of Amazon readers come out of the woodwork to buy the recently-free book...

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