Progress Report, Penmonkeys

I like that terribleminds has kind of become an inadvertent writerly community. People gathering around the campfire, burning their old trunk novels, weeping into cans of beans about this rejection or that bad review. As such, this seems like an opportune time to once more check in with you ink-fingered key-slingers and see: How are you doing? How’s the writing going? Tell us some good news. Trouble us with your problems. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk to each other about it. Got a grievance? Air it. Got good news?... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Color Title Challenge

Last week’s challenge: Charlie And The Whoa What Now? Colors. COLORS ARE PRETTY. *paws the sky* *touches a tree* *drops acid, dances around in a whirlwind of colors that do not exist* Ahem. Anyway. This one is pretty easy. I want you to write a story using a title that incorporates a color into it. I don’t care which color, but if you require a RANDOM COLOR TABLE: Pink Feldspar Olive Azure Auburn Fuchsia Coral Ochre Vermilion Cobalt So, your title could be THE COBALT KNIGHT or AUBURN JONES AND... Read The Rest →

Bryon Quertermous: 5 Things You Can Learn From A Freelance Editor

I love editors. Editors are the unsung heroes of the Book World. They’re the ones with their arms plunged into the meaty stink of various drafts, reaching into the pink slurry in order to stitch up ruptures and rearrange vital organs and make the whole monster work. Without editors, all writers would probably descend into a pit of writing pamphlets consisting only of profane emojis. Freelance editors are an awesome variant of the editor — though, tricky, because a lot of folks out there call themselves editors and will gladly... Read The Rest →

What Is An E-Book Worth?

An e-book is nothing. It’s 1s and 0s. It’s wizard farts and cyber-dreams. An e-book is everything. It’s a container for pure story. Like the traps they use in Ghostbusters, except instead of catching specters it catches characters, narratives, ideas, lies that tell truths. An e-book is a book, which is to say, it’s not a book at all. A book is a physical thing. An e-book is ether. An e-book is frequency. You might own an e-book. You might not. Maybe you’re just leasing it, like a jet-ski during the... Read The Rest →

Tom Pollock: Writing Around A Day Job

And now, a guest post by a really amazing author: Tom Pollock. Tom wanted to talk about how he maintains both a writing career and a day job at the same time, and that felt like a very useful perspective, indeed. I don’t necessarily agree with everything here — if I’d taken some of this advice to heart, I suspect I’d not have the career I have at present, but I’m also, er, fortunate enough to have never liked any of my day jobs all that much. The only day... Read The Rest →

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