Blightborn Selfies: My Vote, And Time To Pick Yours

AND THE BLIGHTBORN SELFIES ARE COMPLETE. We had 18 entries. All by lovely people. You can see all the wonderful photos right here. It is time to pick two winners. One winner, I pick. One winner, you pick. Before I announce my winner, here’s how you pick yours. Go to the photo album. Find your favorite. Each photo is numbered. And in the comments here, drop the number of your choice (one choice only, please). That’s pretty much it. I’ll give two days for voting, and will tally on Wednesday, noon... Read The Rest →

Creator-Owned Comics

My reading time at present is sliced into micrometers — book due, working on a comic, working on an outline, making meals, and of course, that tiny little person running around the house. As such, my current reading time being limited, I get a lot of mileage out of comics. (And it doesn’t hurt that I’m working on a comic, too, in the process.) Been digesting a lot of Marvel, of which I’m not very well-versed, and it’s been nice to see what runs of what characters/storylines/writers work and which ones... Read The Rest →

Contest Ends Sunday!

A casual reminder that – HEY, SEE THOSE? Those are the Heartland-themed Kindle Paperwhites I’m giving away. You can win one by participating in this book selfie contest. Tell your friends. Tell your mother. Tell your imaginary friend, Steve. *jetpacks away*

Flash Fiction Challenge: And, Action!

Last week’s challenge: The Color Title Challenge This week? Both easy and difficult, I think. I want your 1000-word story to be all action. Now, that action could be: gunplay, karate kicking, fighting, running, car chasing. In other words, the standard “action movie fare.” Or: it could be fucking. Or cooking. Or arm-wrestling. Or some other notable action characters would undertake. The trick is: make it exciting. From start to finish. And — and! — make it a complete story. Beginning, middle, ending. Get to writing. You’ve got 1000 words. You’ve got... Read The Rest →

Jon McGoran: Five Things I Learned Writing Deadout

In this riveting follow-up to the acclaimed biotech thriller DRIFT, Jon McGoran expands on the theme of genetically engineered foods, and also explores Colony Collapse Disorder, which threatens the world’s honeybee populations. Detective Doyle Carrick’s girlfriend gets a job farming job on an island in New England where the bees have started suddenly start dying off. But when a biotech company brings in genetically engineered bees that are supposedly immune to colony collapse, Doyle realizes the bees aren’t the only thing being modified. So he has to figure out what... Read The Rest →

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