Macro Monday Smells Nice And Flowery

Okay, so strictly speaking, that photo up there isn’t a macro. It’s not properly 1:1, but it’s getting all up in there, so we’re just going to handwave away the macro specifics. *hand waves* Took that one on the desert floor at Arches National Park. No idea what kind of flower it is, so we’ll just say it’s a Southwestern Articulated Elkblossom. Good? Good. We’re all in agreement. At the bottom, I’ll toss in a couple more flower photos because yay spring. What else is going on? First up, I... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The SubGenre Smash-And-Grab

AND WE’RE BACK. And we return with an old favorite. We shall make subgenres dance together for our whims. I will give you 20 subgenres. You will pick two from the list either using a d20 or random number generator (or use monkey knuckles or coffee grounds or whatever), then you will write a short story that mashes up those two subgenres. Length: We’ll say 1500 words. Due by: Next Friday (5/19), noon EST. Post at your online space. Link to it in the comments below. So we can all read it! THE SUBGENRE LIST: Political... Read The Rest →

Carrie Patel: Five Things I Learned Writing Song Of The Dead

With Ruthers dead and the Library Accord signed by Recoletta, its neighbours, and its farming communes, Inspector Malone and laundress Jane Lin are in limbo as the city leaders around them vie for power. A desperate attempt to save Arnault from execution leads to Malone’s arrest and Jane’s escape. They must pursue each other across the sea to discover a civilization that has held together over the centuries. There they will finally learn the truths about the Catastrophe that drove their own civilization underground. *** IT FEELS LIKE A YARD... Read The Rest →

Maurice Broaddus: Wrestling With Writer’s Block

Maurice Broaddus is a rare treasure — the writer who is both nice as cookies in person and who is an authorial bad-ass on the page. His newest is Buffalo Soldier, and here he pops by to talk about the dreaded hell-beast known as writer’s block. * * * Like many writers, I’ve had to wrestle with the idea of writer’s block. Honestly, every time I sit down in front of a blank page, I have a flutter of anxiety, as if I may have forgotten how to string words... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Goes Big And Then Goes Home

MY EPIC JOURNEY IS COMPLETE. Okay, not that epic in the grand scheme of things, but epic enough for me — In addition to ending up at Wondercon and SWCO, then in the subsequent week I left for LA, and stayed out West for two weeks. Therein I hit LA Times Festival of Books, StokerCon, and the Northern Colorado Writers’ Conference in Fort Collins. I passed through and stayed in Vegas, Moab, Ouray, and Denver. I got to be on a ghostly Murderboat; I hung with pals like Ben LeRoy,... Read The Rest →

Sked, Stuff, And Other Updatery-Doo

*unhinges jaw* *disgorges information into your eyes, blinding you* OKAY SO HEY. I’m putting terribleminds on a two-week hiatus because, well, I’m gone for two weeks. That may change if I have a steady, consistent ability to log on at a distance and make updates, but that is rarely a guarantee whilst on the road due to the way I lockdown access to the site, so it’s more likely we’ll just let the blog be quiet for a couple of weeks. It will sleep. It will wait. It will grow hungry. In the meantime,... Read The Rest →

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