Flash Fiction Challenge: The Return Of The Opening Line Contest

Last week’s challenge: Life Is Hell. I love this challenge because it always generates some interesting results. It’s easy in concept, difficult in execution: Come up with a great opening line. That’s it. Take that line, and drop it into the comments below. BUT WAIT. As they say, THERE’S MORE. This opening line must be one sentence long — no more than that. Anything longer and I will publicly laugh at your inability to stick to the barest-of-bones submission guidelines. I’d suggest avoiding some very cliched openings — previous challenges... Read The Rest →

A.J. Larrieu: Five Things I Learned Writing Twisted Miracles

Cass Weatherfield’s powers come with a deadly price. Cass knows it was her telekinetic gift that killed a college classmate five years back, even if no one else believes her. She’s lived in hiding from her fellow shadowminds ever since, plagued by guilt and suppressing her abilities with sedatives. Until the night her past walks back into her life in the form of sexy Shane Tanner, the ex-boyfriend who trained her…and the one she left without saying goodbye. When Shane tells her that his twin sister, Mina—Cass’s childhood friend—is missing,... Read The Rest →

Elizabeth Bear: An Ill-Considered Boast

I came here to sell you a book. I mean, there’s no point in beating around the bush, is there? Actually, it’s worse than that. I’m here to sell you three novels, because what I have in hand is the last book of a trilogy. Steles of the Sky is the third book in the Eternal Sky trilogy. It is preceded by Range of Ghosts and Shattered Pillars. These three books are the story of Re Temur and Samarkar, a younger grandson of a dead Khagan and a Wizard who... Read The Rest →

The Hellsblood Bride: Cover Reveal!

Today, I wrote 5,000 words. And I finished The Hellsblood Bride. Not quite 100k. Which is, of course, the sequel to The Blue Blazes. The adventures of Mookie Pearl and his daughter, Nora, continue hard-charging through the Great Below — the Hell beneath our feet. With that being said, seems like high-time for a cover reveal… TA-DA. Joey-Hi again, baby. You will, of course, note lots of little details — all relevant to the plot, because Joey Hi-Fi is a mad monster at rocking these covers and making them relevant to the... Read The Rest →

The Storium Kickstarter

And like that — *snaps fingers* — the Storium Kickstarter is live. Wait, you’re saying, just what the hell is Storium again? Storium, by Protagonist Labs, aims to circle back to the old way of telling stories — collaboratively, around a campfire. Except this campire? It’s digital. This is old-school storytelling given a 21st century upgrade. It’s a storyworld you can play in. A novel you can live inside. All shot through with a tasty rush of RPG DNA. I’ve been privy to Storium’s ASCENDANCY TO THE THRONE — ahem,... Read The Rest →

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