Flash Fiction Challenge: We Need Only A Title

Your task this week is woefully simple. Go to the comments, and deposit into these comments a title for a short story — not the story itself, and nothing in fact beyond the title. Then, next week, I’ll pick a handful of the best, and we’ll use those as springboards for the next round of stories. Dig it? Good. You. Comments section. A title. GO. Due by next Friday, April 29th, noon EST. [EDIT: Only ONE title per person, please.]

Jon McGoran: How Bad Is Too Bad?

Jon McGoran writes a cracking thriller — I love the ecological spin his first two books took, books with murder at their heart but that also deal with biotechnology or honeybees. Original voice with an original premise. He’s back with a new Doyle Carrick book, and he wanted to jump in and talk about a real juicy subject: BAD GUYS. * * * There is a piece of writing advice I often hear, that your bad guys shouldn’t be all bad. This makes good sense. Nobody is all anything, and... Read The Rest →

Lessons From 40: Four Decades Of Dumb Stuff I Learned

At the end of this week, I cross the threshold from cool hip dude in his 30s to decrepit antediluvian in his 40s, and to prepare I have already begun strongly investigating the fiber content of the foods I put into my body because if there’s one thing I know about being in my 40s, it’s that healthy pooping is king. I have also picked out a casket and decided which socks I will wear up over my knocking, withered knees. Soon I will begin properly grousing about those kids today, with... Read The Rest →

An Open Letter To The “Bring Back Legends” Star Wars Fans

Note: none of this post represents my publishers or the Star Wars universe, and I have literally no special knowledge or power in this regard. All the opinions below represent me, not Del Rey, not Lucasfilm or Disney. Just little old me. Hi, Expanded Universe / Legends fans. It’s me. Your pal, Chuck Wendig. If your emails and tweets and YouTube videos about me are any indication, you care very little for me, and that’s fine. I wish you’d be a little nicer about it, but hey, you do you.... Read The Rest →

Elsa S. Henry: So, You Wanna Write A Blind Character?

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry is a bonafide bad-ass, and she doesn’t need Daredevil’s skills to do it. Elsa writes a lot on the subject of disability and diversity, and here, she’s going to teach us sighted oundaolks a thing or two about what blindness is and how you might tackle the subject in your stories. Note, you can ask her followup questions in the comments, but please don’t ask her to critique your manuscript or characters. (Unless you’re willing to pay her for the job, in which case: ask away.) * * *... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Is One Thing That Looks Like Another

That is a bee-fly. It is not a bee, but rather, a fly that looks like a bee. Can you blame the fly? Flies are ugly little raisins. Bees are awesome. Everyone loves bees. If you are a fly, try to look like a bee instead. Bees get honey. Flies get turds. There’s your life lesson. Don’t be a fly. Be a bee. The end.

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