Flash Fiction Challenge: The Car Chase

It is the time of car chases. Today, Mad Max. A few weeks ago: the recent installment of the Fast & Furious series. Car chases are awesome. So, when I got an email from reader Scott Lyerly who said, “Hey, you should do a whole flash fiction challenge based around car chases,” well, dang, I thought he had the right idea. That, then, is your mission. You have 2000 words to write a piece of fiction that comprises a car chase. Doesn’t matter the genre or how you frame it — but... Read The Rest →

Eli K.P. William: Five Things I Learned Writing Cash Crash Jubilee

In a near-future Tokyo, every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by corporations, who take it upon themselves to charge licensing fees for your existence. Amon Kenzaki is a Liquidator for the Global Action Transaction Authority. If you go bankrupt and can no longer pay to live, Amon is sent to hunt you down and rip the BodyBank from your flesh. So what if you’re sent to the BankDeath Camps after, forever isolated from a life of information and transaction? Amon is just happy to do his job... Read The Rest →

Hey, I Liked That Supergirl Trailer

DAILY BUGLE HEADLINE: CHUCK WENDIG LIKED THE SUPERGIRL TRAILER EXTRY EXTRY READ ALL ABOUT IT ahem. Sorry. So! The Supergirl trailer has landed. And some people love it. And some people hate it. I’m going to casually fling my chips into the loved it side, and I’m going to tell you why: 1. Girl Power I popped the trailer on my phone last night and my (oh god almost four-year-old) son was nearby and he’s like, “What are you watching?” So I invited him over and he hunkered down next to me... Read The Rest →

Michael J. Martinez: Respect Your Writing Process

Mike — fine, “Michael” — is one of the good guys. You just know it when you meet him. It radiates from him in waves. Just look at this picture of him! He’s nice. He’s smart. He’s just an all around good dude. (Cue to the flash-forward scene where we discover a closet in Mike’s house that’s full of puppy skeletons.) So, when he was like, “Chuck, I’d like to –” and I was like, “SHUT UP AND KISS ME,” and he’s like “–write a guest post for terribleminds,” and... Read The Rest →

You Have Been Deemed Potentially Useful (And Other News)

I was asked to join the official Twitter Fiction Fest, and last night was my slot, so I took two hours to write something that is equal parts warning and invitation from a mysterious figure known as @TheCompiler01 (who is further bound to a mysterious entity known as Typhon). The Compiler would like very much to talk to you. I’ve storified the tale at: You Have Been Deemed Potentially Useful. (The story connects to my upcoming novel, ZER0ES, about hackers who tangle with a sinister new government surveillance program. You can pre-order... Read The Rest →

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