Flash Fiction Challenge: The Random Song Title Jamboree

I’ll be going through your epic list of potential flash fiction suggestions next week, but for now, it’s time to revive one of the classics: the random song title challenge Way this works is: Go to your music player of choice, pull up a random song, and use that song title as the title to your story. You don’t need to make the story about the song or inspired by the song (unless you want to) — all you really need is the title to run with. On iTunes, it’s... Read The Rest →

A New Zeroes Blurb, Star Wars Stuff, Seton Hill, And More!

AHOY, FELLOW HUMANS. WHAT A NICE DAY WE ARE HAVING. OXYGEN IS AT PLEASANTLY SUFFICIENT LEVELS. IT IS I, DEFINITELY NOT AN EVIL ROBOT MASTERMIND, CHUCK WENDIG. I AM A “HUMAN AUTHOR” WHO HAS INFORMATION OF THE NEWS-SCENTED VARIETY. PLEASE HOLD STILL AND LISTEN WHILE I UPLOAD IT INTO YOUR FACE CIRCUITS. LET US BEGIN. - Hey, look! A new really awesome blurb from a really awesome author: “With complex characters and feverishly paced action, ZERØES is a sci-fi thriller that won’t stop blowing your mind until the last page….... Read The Rest →

Revenge of the Awkward Author Photo Contest: Time To Vote!

Behold: A brand new set of AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTOS to gaze upon. Folks entered. A whopping 73 of you, actually. And holy shit, am I ever laughing. Anyway — here’s how this works: You click that link. You look at the glorious buffet of authorial silliness. You choose the one photo you believe should win the title of MOST AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTO. You take the number of that photo and you pop it into the comments below. Please make the number of your choice clear. Begin with the number. If you have... Read The Rest →

Here’s How Amazon Could Fix Kindle Unlimited

Ugh. Publishing stuff. I’d much rather be talking about something else. Anything else, really. Like wombats on hanggliders. Like all the cheeseburgers I have ever eaten. Like this amazing rhubarb barbecue sauce I had last week. Like all of the awesome words you can form just by smashing a mundane word (preferably a noun) up against a vulgar one: cocktrumpet, fuckrelish, jizzglisten, shitnoodles, and so on, and so forth. But here I am, talking again about Kindle Unlimited. (Sorry, everyone. Music has Taylor Swift. Publishing has me.) I do not mind Kindle Unlimited... Read The Rest →

“Hamslice And The Gang” — My Son’s First Book

Quite recently, my four-year-old (the increasingly infamous “B-Dub”) has become enamored of the idea of stories — not just stories you watch or read at bedtime, but the kind of stories we speak aloud and… y’know, just make up. Pulling silly, weird, absurd, even scary things right out of the air — catching them like curious birds and then cupping your hands around them and pulling back one finger at a time to reveal the strange and squirming beast you have made captive. He wants me to tell him stories, as kids often... Read The Rest →

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