Beth Lewis: Five Things I Learned While Writing The Wolf Road

ELKA BARELY REMEMBERS a time before she knew Trapper. She was just seven years old, wandering lost and hungry in the wilderness, when the solitary hunter took her in. In the years since then, he’s taught her how to survive in this desolate land where civilization has been destroyed and men are at the mercy of the elements and each other. But the man Elka thought she knew has been harboring a terrible secret. He’s a killer. A monster. And now that Elka knows the truth, she may be his... Read The Rest →

Empire’s End Cover, And Other Shiny News Nuggets

So, uhh – *clears throat* That’s pretty cool, huh. *wibbles* As revealed on The Star Wars Show today. Book’s available January 31st. And what’s available next week? Life Debt! Book Two! Ahhh! *runs around swatting at invisible Sith with an imaginary lightsaber* *hits a lamp* *breaks a tooth* ALSO HEY LOOK There exists a special edition of Life Debt from Barnes & Noble — and if you procure this very special edition, you will obtain awesome posters featuring (gasp) The Millennium Falcon and (double gasp) MISTER BONES: I’m really very geeked... Read The Rest →

The Thoughts I Thinkily Thunked Whilst Watching Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Ultimate Edition)

Yesterday, I watched Batman Vs. Superman, Ultimate Edition. Mistakes were made. I have archived my thoughts here for you all to see them. *disclaimer: if you’re the type of person who cannot grasp that sometimes people don’t like stuff you like or like stuff you hate and that makes you want to get on here and yell at me about it, spoiler warning: don’t bother* Let us begin. There may be spoilers, if you can comprehend my gabble. * * * this movie’s gonna be so dark I can barely... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Insomnia

Last night, I had insomnia. It’s not a usual problem, and I don’t expect it to continue, but last night — it indeed plagued me, and it was the kind that unspooled itself further every time I thought HEY I’M NOT SLEEPING AND I’D SURE LIKE TO SLEEP. So, I think it’s appropriate to make today’s theme one of INSOMNIA. Insomnia must figure in your story in some way. Feel free to be flexible or creative in how it applies. In fact, creativity and flexibility are desirable qualities for a... Read The Rest →

Quickly! To The Newsmobile!

NEWSBITS INCOMING. *klaxons sound* 1.) You will discover that Atlanta Burns, my very trigger-warningy YA about a teenage detective-slash-vigilante, is on sale for your Kindlemachine today at $1.99. 2.) You may further discover that the sequel to that book, Atlanta Burns: The Hunt, also happens to be a wee $1.99 for your Kindlemachine today. (Also: trigger warning.) 3.) If you ever wanted to read a Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier story written by me, drawn by Juanan Ramirez, well, click right here for a Marvel Infinite comic. 4.) HYPERION #4 IS OUT WOO... Read The Rest →

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