Melanie Meadors: Five Things I Learned Editing Hath No Fury

Last year, around this time, Joe Martin invited me to co-edit an anthology with him. It was to be a celebration of strong female characters, inspired by our desire at Ragnarok Publications to diversify our anthologies a bit more. Even when we have awesome women writing for us, so often the characters were still men. We wanted to have a spotlight on the ladies, to explore new themes, to flip some tropes on their heads, and above all, to have fun. But of course, no venture passes without a few... Read The Rest →

Defense Against The Dark Ants: Invasive Is Out Now

INVASIVE is out now! Kirkus said it best in its — *shines an apple* — starred review, “Think Thomas Harris’ Will Graham and Clarice Starling rolled into one and pitched on the knife’s edge of a scenario that makes Jurassic Park look like a carnival ride.” If you don’t mind spreading the word about it, I’d sure appreciate it. Feel free to nab it wherever books are sold: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N | iBooks Also, don’t forget to join me tomorrow, 8.17, at Doylestown Book Shop, where I’ll be signing and talking... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Knows The Definition Of Formication

OH GOD HE’S AS BIG AS A ROTTWEILER IT’S A MONSTER IT’S CLICKING AT ME SEND BORAX AND SUGAR Fine, no, he’s not some gi-hugic ant, it’s just an ant at the end of my macro lens. This one is Camponotus pennsylvanicus — the black carpenter ant. And of course he’s just here, surely excited to revel in tomorrow’s release of Invasive. And hey, did you see there’s a contest? There’s a contest. A photo contest! Details here. Also, speaking of ants, I highly recommend this fascinating article on the Argentine ant — an... Read The Rest →

The Invasive Photo Contest!

Tomorrow, Invasive comes out. *opens mouth, river of ants pours out* I MEAN HA HA WHAT. *shoves ants back in mouth, clears throat* What I’m saying is, hey, maybe you want to get a copy. And maybe you want to take a photo of that copy and you want to send it to me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. And then maybe I’ll take those photos and I’ll look for the funniest or weirdest or coolest ones, and I’ll pick one as my favorite. Then I’ll pick a random draw from the... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Write One Sentence

The task here is as simple as it is delicate, as difficult as it is complicated — go into the comments and write one sentence. No more. Just one entry. This sentence should be no more than fifteen words long. It will not be two sentences, but rather, just one. It needn’t be an opening line or a closing line. It need only be a sentence in a story that has not yet been written. Then, next week, we will use these sentences to create a new story. Length: one sentence,... Read The Rest →

Brooke Johnson: Five Things I Learned Writing The Guild Conspiracy

In the face of impossible odds, can one girl stem the tides of war? It has been six months since clockwork engineer Petra Wade destroyed an automaton designed for battle, narrowly escaping with her life. But her troubles are far from over. Her partner on the project, Emmerich Goss, has been sent away to France, and his father, Julian, is still determined that a war machine will be built. Forced to create a new device, Petra subtly sabotages the design in the hopes of delaying the war, but sabotage like... Read The Rest →

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