Today’s Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Is Not About Fiction

You read that right. Today, I’m not asking for 1000 words of fiction. I’m asking for a 1000 word essay (meaning, blog post). And I want it on this subject: WHY I WRITE. That’s it. I wanna know why you write. What it is that makes you want to tell stories and write them down. What drives you? Something biographical? Something internal? Dig deep. Be thoughtful. Write it out like the bad-ass that you know you are. The standard rules apply, otherwise: Write it at your online space. Drop a... Read The Rest →

GenCon, Zer0es, Aftermath, And More

*loads shotgun, fires a hot load of NEWS-SHOT into your gut* So, first up, I’m going to be at GenCon next week in support of the Writer’s Symposium. And maybe you’re gonna be there too. (Are you? Say hi!) As such, my schedule, should you so require it: Thursday, 11AM: Writer’s Craft, Eliciting Emotional Responses, with a pack of COOL HUMANS like Aaron Rosenberg, Elizabeth Bear, Gregory A. Wilson. Thursday, 4PM: Business of Writing: Recovering from Controversy, with Jaym Gates, James Minz, James L. Sutter, and now I’m weirded out... Read The Rest →

Dear Guy Who Is Mad Because I Wrote A Gay Character In A Book

What the fuckity-snacks is wrong with you, dude? Sorry, let me back up. Earlier today I got a bit of hate mail — though I guess hate mail is strong, as the writer of said email was not like, threatening to murder me with a brick or anything — from what appears to be a male, adult reader of my young adult series. In particular, he read the third book in the series, which came out last week: The Harvest. I won’t reprint the email here, but he said, and... Read The Rest →

Think, Plan, Write, Edit, Repeat

The mantra of the writer — both published and unpublished and soon-to-be-published-again-someday-maybe — should really be: HURRY UP AND WAIT. The career comes in fits and starts, feast and famine. A flurry of activity and a dead run into Nowheresville — a cursor spinning, crickets chirping, tumbleweeds tumbling, zombies gumming each other with rotten teeth just outside a Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s like drinking a glass of ice water and suddenly an ice cube dam releases and your face is suddenly the target of an ice cube avalanche and... Read The Rest →

Speak Unto Me Your Writing Difficulties

HEY, WRITER TYPES. What’s troubling you, lately? About craft, story, the industry, the culture? What difficulties are you having? Talk it up. Having trouble with a particular character? Or a genre? Or a business concern? What’s the state of your work-in-progress and what’s preventing you from getting all the way? Let’s whip out our scalpels, because it’s DISSECTIN’ TIME. (Further, let this be a conversation amongst you — if someone offers up a question or a concern, someone else jump in and offer thoughts. Writing feels like a solitary thing... Read The Rest →

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