The Obligatory Hugo Awards Recap Post

First and foremost, let’s just get this out of the way: Congrats to the winners of last night’s Hugo Awards, including the Not The Hugo Award, the John W. Campbell award for new writer. Well done, all of you. Including up and coming sci-fi superstar, Noah Ward, who I’m sure is drunk somewhere right now, joy-barfing off a balcony. And, also, to the Sad and Rabid Puppies, those charm school rejects who thought they could wrest control of the awards away from some mysterious vile cabal of PC CHORF SMOF SJWS, one... Read The Rest →

A Brief Post About Comments And Comment Moderation

Some folks have correctly noted that on some weekends, comment moderation slows to a crawl, and I’ll take the heat for that one. Let me tell you why that is and what’s going on here – BEES. Okay, not really bees. First, comments by new users or by folks putting in links generally are left to moderation. That helps keep this website from becoming a septic shitbucket in terms of the comments section. Second, I’ve been traveling a lot — once every week or two weeks, it seems — in... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Time To Create A Character

This challenge is a little different. I like doing some different things here now and again, so — instead of writing a story, I want you to create a character. You can create the character in whatever mode you choose, with the one caveat: Keep it under 250 words. Encapsulate the character in that limit. You can use a story to highlight the character. Or just a clinical analysis of who the character is. You can decide what makes a good character and what goes into this. Then, next week, you... Read The Rest →

A Bit Late, But… Reddit AMA And Other News

Hey, I’m presently doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything!) over at Reddit Books. Go, ask stuff. I’ll try to answer it. Easy-peasy, nacho-cheesey. Go ask me stuff. And then hey, since I got you in the mood to click things: NPR reviews ZER0ES: “As his five hackers clash with each other, both personally and ideologically, at The Lodge, their growing awareness of the dark forces lurking behind the walls of the government — and of reality — kicks the suspense into high gear. Wendig is an ace at pacing, and he hurtles... Read The Rest →

It Only Gets Harder Once You’re Published

I get this sometimes from new writers: “Well, at least you’re published.” Or, “Well, you’ve had a lot of books published.” Kind of a must be nice comment. And it’s not entirely false, either. I admit — there’s a big privilege to being, y’know, a published author. (I hesitate to say a “successful” author, in that success is a bullseye duct-taped to the back of a coke-addled hop-frog. I consider it a success just to finish a book. That right there is an Epic Eat-A-Motherfucking-Cupcake-Messily Grade-A Bonafide Success. Remember, most people... Read The Rest →

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