Ben LeRoy: Life + 70 — The Prison Sentence For Published Authors?

Here’s a guest post by Ben LeRoy, who I offered the chance to correct some language that goes around in the often very silly self-pub versus trad-pub slap-fight (I say silly because, wait, why aren’t we all high-fiving each other again for being bad-ass authors with stories to tell?). Ben is the publisher behind Tyrus Books, and blogs about publishing and his many other adventures (I think last week he was in Alaska living inside the chest of a mother grizzly bear as she tended to her cubs). He, with... Read The Rest →

One Week Till Blightborn

You have one more week to pre-order Blightborn because, Lord and Lady, it’s out in a week. Which means you have one more week to: a) get my short story, “The Wind Has Teeth Tonight,” for free with your pre-order and b) maybe win a Kindle Paperwhite or some free books. Details on the pre-order contest here. You can pre-order right here. (It’ll be out in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover from the first day of release.) You might be saying, “Hey, but I haven’t read Under the Empyrean Sky yet.” To... Read The Rest →

Max Gladstone: “First Drafts Suck”

First drafts suck. Does that sound too fierce for you? Too general? Let me try again: my first drafts suck. And in all probability so do yours. That piece where as you wrote “The End” you heard angels sing to you from on high, and saw Gabriel hisowndamnself descend from shining clouds to thank you for your contribution to world literature? Odds are it sucks. Trust me. I’ve been there. I don’t mean that there’s nothing in what you’ve written that works. I don’t even mean that the piece you... Read The Rest →

Kindle Unlimited: Author-Publisher As Second-Class Citizen?

Having talked a little about Kindle Unlimited the other day, I thought it was worth calling attention to this article by noted hybrid author, Michael J. Sullivan, over at Digital Book World. Relevant passage (though you should read the whole darn thing): Historically, Amazon has been good about treating self-published authors and traditionally published authors equally. There are some exceptions (for instance traditionally published titles can be pre-ordered, and most self-published authors cannot get this feature. Again there have been exceptions made for best-selling self-published authors), but for the most... Read The Rest →

Gender-Flip Geek Icons! Race-Flip Nerd War! Gay Batman! Raaaaar!

Thor’s a lady. Captain America is a black dude. Ms. Marvel is Muslim. Spider-Man is a Hispanic kid. Groot is a tree. Adam Christopher and I, along with artist Wilfredo Torres, have reimagined the original patriotic superhero — The Shield, once of Red Circle comics, now of the Dark Circle reboot — not as Joe Higgins, but, rather, as a full-figured ass-kicking woman. It’s exciting stuff. I’m like, It’s not enough! It’s addictive. Let’s see Idris Elba as James Bond. Or Emily Blunt as Jane Bond. Hey, Japanese Batman. Or flip... Read The Rest →

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