Stronger Together, But So Far Apart

I am in that rare place as a writer where I don’t know what to say. I don’t have words. I have the feeling of someone at a funeral or a wake. A creeping numbness is there, punctuated at times by fits of genuine sorrow, anxiety, and a mad-eyed not-actually-funny sense of overwhelming absurdity. I feel torn in two. I don’t know how this happened, and yet I know exactly how this happened. I don’t know how we were so wrong about so much, and yet, I know damn well... Read The Rest →

I’m Voting For Hillary, Because I Am Not A Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller (Nor Do I Want To Become One)

(Note: style of title shamelessly cribbed from Sara Benincasa, who is the best. Go read her article, I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I Am Not A Human Tire Fire.) This is not news to anybody, but I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. And I hope you do, too. I’m voting for her first because I’m not a CHUD. I am not an irradiated creature who lives in the sewer, and I don’t want to become one, so I’d rather not elect the sentient orange patch of anal leakage... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Soothes Your Election Worries With Waterdrops

This election season has been about the most stressful in recent memory. And it’s hard, because we have two of the most corrupt candidates in recent memory, too — we have one candidate who was lacking on her email security, and we have another candidate who is made of weaponized gonorrhea and who would walk back every privilege that you possess as an American just to get one delicious blowjob from a Russian dictator. I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU WOULD CHOOSE BETWEEN THOSE TWO OBVIOUSLY EQUAL AND EVIL CANDIDATES. Anyway.... Read The Rest →

Frederick Turner: Five Things I Learned Writing Apocalypse

When the Earth becomes a maelstrom of storms and rising sea levels due to catastrophic climate change, some want to give up and call it a day for humanity. Yet there are also those heroic few who are determined to take action and do something about the impending apocalypse. These are the geo-engineers—men and women of creativity, knowledge and drive—who will do whatever it takes to save the planet. They will take on the challenge of bringing the planet back into balance. They will fiercely protect their work from the... Read The Rest →

Whitney Beltrán: Five Things I Learned About Feminine Horror

I co-designed Bluebeard’s Bride, a tabletop horror game, with two other women. The last two and a half years have been a tremendous amount of work, but the Kickstarter is now live [note: 17 days left on the clock — cdw] and I finally have some breathing room to look back on what we created. The original Bluebeard fairy tale is one of the darkest and most twisted fairy tales out there, which is probably why it has endured for so long. It centers around an aristocrat with a proclivity for... Read The Rest →

Dearest Deplorables

Dear Deplorables, (Meaning, You Folks Who Might Be Planning On Voting For Trump.) I’m already betting you’ve checked out of this post. You either won’t click or, or you’ll share it to hate on it, or you’ll just downright disagree with it. And that’s your right. I’m a nobody to you (and really, a nobody overall). Just an uptight creative with a head full of ego, who thinks what he says matters even though, mostly, it doesn’t. I’m squawking into the void. Maybe you’re listening, maybe you’re not, but I’d... Read The Rest →

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