Psst. Psst! Hey, Kid. Hey. You Want Some Wanderers?

I drop in briefly to wangjangle some small and potentially useful news before you: hey, Wanderers on Kindle is a mere $2.99 for today, December 27th. Only today. So, if you were thinking of getting it but were like, harrumph, that e-book is too damn pricey, well, here’s your chance to scoop it up at a low, low price. I mean, it’s 800 pages, so that’s like, a third of a cent per page. C’mon. That’s narrative value. (I kid, of course, as value of story and art cannot neatly be contained by or derived from monetary price. I’m just saying, three bucks ain’t a lot and we all gotta save coin where we can.)

Link here, if you want it.


I mean, maybe — it is about the end of the world, after all. But it’s twisty and turny and I like to think full of hope and humor even as it, uhhh, ends the world.


Here is a photo of an apple, in recompense. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go watch the final episode of this season of The Baby Yoda Power Hour.