Macro Monday Was Born On A Monday Wait What

Let’s see. Do I have quick news bites to share? I don’t think many. I will note that Wanderers was listed (with some glorious company in the form of Seanan McGuire, Cadwell Turnbull, Caitlin Starling, Kameron Hurley, Victor LaValle, and oh yeah Stephen King) as one of the top sci-fi / fantasy / horror books of 2019. Check out the list here. And it looks like Wanderers is about to crest the 500-review threshold at Amazon, which is cool. Is there a prize for that? Can I trade in a bunch of skee-ball tickets for a prize? Probably not. But thanks to all who have left a review. It helps, because it gooses algorithms and such. It also algorithms geese. Honking geese who steal golden bells.

(Have you played Untitled Goose Game? God, why not?)

I have other pieces of news to share in the form of film/TV stuff and also books and once again, I remain unable to whisper my secrets, especially about the guy I have locked in my cellar.

Ha ha ha I mean, what.

Anyway, meanwhile, here are some new photos. More at Flickr.