Macro Monday Will Make It Quick

Some quicky bits —

A bunch of my eBooks just popped up for sale, I believe going for the whole duration of December. Those titles include all my Skyscape-pubbed YA books:

Under the Empyrean Sky (Heartland 1)

Blightborn (Heartland 2)

The Harvest (Heartland 3)

Atlanta Burns

Atlanta Burns: The Hunt

They’re all a buck a pop. (Well, $0.99.)

The Heartland series is a Steinbeckian Star Wars riff, and Atlanta Burns is a dark teen noir with, honestly, a bunch of trigger warnings in tow. Both series are ostensibly about sticking it to rich people, to be honest.

The audio looks like it’s on sale for each, too, for $1.99.

Also it looks like my run on Turok is collected for $3.99 if you so desire it.

And I think that might be all the news that’s fit to print.


First is a… well, a stick. It’s just a stick. And it has snow on it. But the glow of the morning light and the shallow depth of frame gives it kind of a magical vibe.

Second is broccoli.

Yep, broccoli.

Wet broccoli, in fact.

Point of trivia: Wet Broccoli was my nickname in the CIA.