A Nibbling Of Numptious News Nuggets

IT’S FRIDAY so apparently that means I have more cool news to share. Which is nice! It’s nice to have things to talk about sometimes. So gird your loins, buckle your belts, and don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water. Oh and get your damn flu shot.

Here are the quicky news bits —

Zer0es is totally Sword and Laser’s book club book this month, so feel free to go and get in on that action — it’s got hackers and trolls and self-aware surveillance programs and body horror and other fun stuff. And if you haven’t read it yet, Harper Voyager did a wonderful thing and dropped the e-book price to $2.99 if you wanna grab it.

• Wanderers gets a shout-out at The Mary Sue, “A Unique Look At A Potential Armageddon.” I’m glad the excerpt at EW seemed to resonate with people. I’m very excited for you to read this book. As some have asked, yes, this book is in past tense, not present, and no, it’s not my first to do so — Double Dead, in fact, is in past tense. (Point of trivia: I get no royalties if you buy Double Dead and Unclean Spirits, by the way, as some have also asked that question.)

• And finally, it’s Episode 5 of Chuck & Anthony: Ragnatalk, in one of our favorite eps, this one titled: IT’S KORG O’CLOCK. Okay, the episode isn’t all about Korg — it’s also about Jeff Goldblum and Betty Crocker and Kite Man and Greg Pak and so on and so forth. GO LISTEN TO IT. Otherwise, PISS OFF, GHOST.

Don’t forget this weekend is Daylight Savings Time, where at 2AM we open the Time Jar and release the hour we’ve been keeping hostage for the last several months.

And also, come Tuesday —

Don’t forget to vote.

Your country, your democracy, and maybe the world literally counts on it.