Macro Monday Is Running Giddily Through Dry, Dead Leaves



First up — You Might Be The Killer premiered at Fantastic Fest to some very kind reviews, several of which I will encapsulate here now because I will use this list to occasionally bolster my flagging ego. What? Huh? I didn’t say that you said that.

Austin Chronicle:

“Basing his script (unlikely as it sounds) on a now near-legendary Twitter exchange between authors Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig (don’t read it now – it’s pretty spoilerific), Simmons has some real fun with a back-and-forth timeline (and ever-shifting kill clock for the counselor body count), and some of the most Karo syrup-drenched deaths this side of a Hatchet film.”

Slash Film:

“Maybe order a beer or two for this one? Crowd-pleasing horror with a roaring campfire aroma flipped upside down and hilariously mindfucked with just enough subjective damnation.”


You Might Be the Killer also benefits from smart structuring. Told through a series of flashbacks that unfold as Sam fills in the blanks for Chuck, we witness the murder count grow (written out on screen in a fun tally gag) until the film ultimately catches up with it timeline, leading to a third act where Sam and Chuck actively try to prevent his death, despite the ever-mounting body count. The more Sam remembers, the more we learn, and sometimes we circle back to scenes we’ve seen before but see them in an entirely different way. It’s a sharp script structure and it helps what might have been bland meta horror entry stand above the pack.”

Rue Morgue:

“Though the title is reminiscent of a thankfully almost forgotten Jeff Foxworthy bit, and the film was apparently inspired by a Twitter discussion, the film YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER is a damn fine, and darn funny, self-referential little horror comedy.”

Also for those asking when they can see it? It goes, I think, to Telluride Horror Show and maybe some other festivals? Toronto After Dark? More as I know it!*

A reminder that I’ll be at NYCC in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there.

And at Hal-Con in Halifax at the end of October.


Okay maybe not so much that last one.

P.S. don’t forget what’s coming this Thorsday

And I think that’s it. I go back to the WORD MINES now, to continue work on this weird-ass book I’m writing: The Book of Accidents. Wish me luck — it’s a doozy.

To close, hey, have this picture of IMPENDING AUTUMN —

* I wonder what’s on SyFy on October 6th at 7pm