Flash Fiction Friday: Luck

It is Friday the 13th.

Easily a day we ascribe to “horror,” but here, I’d like to take a different tack with it — I’d like you to write a short story about LUCK. Good, bad, indifferent, whatever. But luck. Doesn’t have to be horror at all, though it certainly can be.

Length: ~1000 words

Due by: Friday, April 20th, noon EST

Write at your online space.

Give us a link below.

Luck it up, motherluckers.

49 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday: Luck”

  1. I wish you provided an option for posting a story other than on one’s website, as my website evaporated when my webmaster son died, and I don’t have the skills for DIY. Thanks,

    • I’m very sorry to hear about that, Elaine.

      Sadly, I don’t really have any options here — comments are too unformatted and too small for a piece of fiction, and further, once you post it to my comment section, it becomes as much mine as it does yours. Better to have you host your stories somewhere, which is really an ideal thing for a writer to find. You can find cheap or free options (and easy to setup/manage) with WordPress and other blog hosting sites. Best of luck.

    • You know, there are a multitude of social media networks that are quite receptive to longer-form content (if we can imagine that a thousand words are “longer form,” which makes me shudder to imagine).

      The prettiest one is probably Medium (https://medium.com/), which doesn’t require you to subscribe to or do anything but create an account on to be able to write on, and probably has the nicest looking writing environment of any current blogging or social media platform. The results also end up looking very, very nice.

      There hasn’t been an excuse not to post your content for public consumption on a blogging site for quite a while now. If you want to write, you can write. If you want people to read what you write, that’s pretty easy, too.

    • Hey Elaine,

      Chuck’s right with posting it here – it’s a legal thing and he’d rather not get involved with the Intellectual Property rights of another author. It’s messy in every possible; and it’s best if your do start up your own blog – like many of us here have.

      I have found that Blogger is a great and easy way to write my stories… however the best way I’ve done it to write it first in Word then copy and post it into the Post part of Blogger, then change the text to the form and size and colour I wish, add a label and title… and I’m done. And for sharing? Well, I click on my title and it shows up in the address bar up the top, and I right click, copy it then paste it onto the comments. Very basic and you don’t need a webmaster to own your own blog either. It’s a learn as you go kinda thing – designing your own blog is lots of fun. 😀

      Good luck in your blogging endeavours. 😀

  2. So yesterday I got a surprise double shift at work and my tire blew out on the way home so I had to change it in the rain, in the dark, in a sketchy part of town, and got home just in time to get two hours of sleep so I could get up and go work another double today. It probably wasn’t bad luck though, right? Can I ascribe divine wrath to this particular case?

    • Yes, reads like you’ve wrapped your thoughts on the concept of luck up in a story. I’ve been there before. Can be a useful writing exercise. You know your motorcycles.

      • Um, yeah I cheated on that tbh – I did actually lowside my CB400 many years ago and from that moment sitting up on the embankment right after the crash to this present day, that is all I could recover of my brain’s recording of the event.

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