Awards Eligibility Post, 2017

I’m told now is the time to get those awards eligibility posts out there, and I don’t usually do these, but I’ve had a few people ask, so here we are.

I have complicated feelings about awards and eligibility posts — from me, not from you — because I like to think, if I wrote something really good, really impactful, you’d remember it. It would’ve stuck with you. That said, 2017 was the year that lasted ten years, and I have full-facedly forgotten what books actually came out in 2017. I only recently realized that Kameron Hurley’s STARS ARE LEGION came out in 2017? I thought it was 2016? (Probably because I read it in 2016, I think.) As a sidenote, I recommend that book and others over at the Book Smugglers.

So, given that two of my releases — Thunderbird and Empire’s End came out very early in 2017, I guess I’ll pop by and say, hey, those books.

I wrote them.

I hope you liked them.

I suspect there exists a zero percent chance anyone would nominate Empire’s End or the now-completed Aftermath trilogy for any Major Awards, because I don’t think that tie-ins tend to earn them. I am very proud of those books, though, and tried to own them and own the voice even while sharing this epic universe with all the Stars and all the Wars. And I do enjoy the fantasy of them earning a nomination, if only for the underwear-chafing that ensues amongst a certain bigoted cabal of very loud toilet-humans.

Bonus: I wrote a Jar-Jar chapter, and I think it is very good. Which I know, doesn’t sound like reality, but it is reality. It happened. Here we are.

Also, there’s Damn Fine Story, though I’ve no idea what award that would even go for, or if a book that talks about how the Emperor’s name is really a Star Wars version of “Steve” really deserves an award anyway.

So, there you have it.

Happy award season, word-nerds.

*stomps button with foot*

*trap door opens*

*quietly oozes into the open floor portal*