Fran Wilde: How To Build A Monster!

Somehow, Fran Wilde keeps stealing the keys to terribleminds and posting her drawings and spreading her knock-knock joke propaganda all over the place. I keep changing the locks, but damnit, she’s wily. And apparently she’s convinced me to leave the comfort of THE FOREST to come to THE CITY tonight to celebrate the launch of her final Bone Universe novel at Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse in Philly? Frandamnit!

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Question 4: How Do You Build A Monster?

Heyyyy Chuck! It’s been a while!

I know I’ve been busy finishing the Bone Universe trilogy and sourcing cupcakes with your face on them for our event at Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square on 9/26 at 7 pm (RSVP and JOIN US, FRIENDS!), but I’m also aware that I have responsibilities to attend to Questionable Answers.

Today’s Question is “How Do You Build A Monster.” I won’t say who asked, but you may want to check B-Dub’s arts and crafts box. Hope your readers enjoy!


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Fran Wilde’s novels and short stories have been nominated for two Nebula awards and a Hugo, and include her Andre Norton- and Compton-Crook-winning debut novel, Updraft (Tor 2015), its sequels, Cloudbound (2016) and Horizon (2017), and the novelette “The Jewel and Her Lapidary” ( Publishing 2016). Her short stories appear in Asimov’s,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Nature, and the 2017 Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror. She writes for publications including The Washington Post,, Clarkesworld,, and You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and at

She’s been sending Questionable Answers to Terrible Minds since 2015. And tells GREAT knock knock jokes…

3 responses to “Fran Wilde: How To Build A Monster!”

  1. Someone followed the ‘How to build a monster’ instructions a little too closely when it came to Kim Jong Un I’m afraid. Especially, as it turns out, step one about weaponizing.

    This three step graphic is really Wilde!

    Thanks Fran.

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