Flash Fiction Challenge: The Fix

So, every good story has an argument.

It has more than a point-of-view — it has a point. Maybe it’s one you intend, maybe it’s one that crawls up out of the wet goop that is your unconscious mind. Who knows? Either way, the story exists and the story says something. It’s not an obvious thing. It’s more the plumbing behind the walls than the walls themselves. But it’s there. Whispering its message through the vents.

That’s a story’s theme.

Today, I’m going to give you a theme.

And you’re (duh) gonna write a story using it.

That theme is:

“To fix something, you first must break it.”

That’s it.

You have 1500 words.

Due by: Friday, 9/22, noon EST.

Write it at your online space. Link back here. Etc.

37 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Fix”

  1. […] He recently posted a challenge regarding a theme. I found it an interesting concept. It is speaking to me, probably for completely obvious psychological reasons, considering the recent, repeating circumstances. I don’t know if I’ll get around to writing anything by the deadline of September 22, but I suspect I’ll write something about it, sometime. Perhaps from my cardboard carton home, under the bridge, where my cat and I are huddling (and I’m contemplating how many meals I can make from his skinny-assed carcass should it come to that), in the depths of a New England winter while I continue to ponder unemployment. I write with a charred wooden twig on the back of a food wrapper. […]

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