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Macro Monday Makes You Meet The Mantis Again And Again

Another mantis shot.

We are inundated with praying mantises this year. So many my dog stepped on one while walking. (It was okay, to my surprise.) I daily help at least one mantis across the road. In just the past few days I’ve seen them on our fence, our mailbox, on various trees and shrubs.

They are everywhere.

Curiously, we’ve also had a (very welcome) uptick in honeybees and monarch butterflies. Why? No idea. I usually spy a couple monarchs a day. And honeybees — dang, if I took all the honeybees I’ve seen in the last 5 years and added them up, they would still fall seriously shy of how many I’ve seen this summer. They are everywhere around here. It’s been good.

I’m sure it’s some apocalyptic burst: the insects have figured out that THE REIGN OF MAN IS AT AN END, and they’re retaking territory. But hey, whatever, they deserve it.

ANYWAY, still sick over here, still on deadline, so go forth and have a good one. Maybe I’ll see you at B&N Bethlehem (4-6pm) this Saturday, or B&N Rittenhouse next Tuesday giving big ups to Fran Wilde’s Horizon launchbyeeeee.