Flash Fiction Challenge: And Now, The First Sentence, Please

Last week I asked you for the last sentence of a story.

This week, I’m asking you for the first sentence of a different story.

How this will work is this:

Next week, I will pick ten of each, allowing you to then randomly choose from that selection for an opening and final sentence to a short story you’ll write.

But that means we need another sentence that will start this unwritten story.

So, get to doing that.

You again have one week.

Due by Friday, August 25th, noon EST.

Pop the sentence in the comments below. Please only one sentence, and keep it to under 13 words long. You may begin.

113 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: And Now, The First Sentence, Please”

  1. When the patrol ship picked me up I thanked them politely and told them that yes, I really was very grateful for the… uh… ‘rescue’, but they could just go ahead and put me right back out into space.

  2. Sitting atop the timeworn tower, loneliness consumed me, wrapped me up in a blanket of despair that grew heavy on my padded shoulders. Then I saw her, and, for just a moment, the blanket lifted.

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