Some Book Sales To Sail You Into The Weekend

If you are so inclined, a number of my books are on sale, presently, at Amazon.

You will find that the following books are only $0.99 in e-book:

Atlanta Burns (Book 1)

Atlanta Burns: The Hunt (Book 2)

Under the Empyrean Sky (Heartland, Book 1)

Blightborn (Heartland, Book 2)

The Harvest (Heartland, Book 3).

(Or if you want the series links: Atlanta Burns and Heartland series.)

So that’s like, five books for under five bucks.

In Atlanta Burns, you will find a young girl who goes toe-to-toe with small-town Nazis running a dog-fighting ring.

In the Heartland books you will find bloodthirsty corn created by rich people in their flying cities — and you’ll find the hardscrabble Heartlanders living down below who plan on freeing themselves from their skyborn oppressors. Steinbeck meets Star Wars.

You can also add audio, I believe, to each for $1.99.

Also looks like the Invasive paperback ($5.99) and Blackbirds paperback ($7.13) are both on sale, too — oh! And the Invasive e-book has dropped down to $6.99. So that’s nice.

What I’m trying to say is, go buy my books or I’ll keep bothering you.


*stares harder*

*entire face breaks out into hundreds of eyes, all of which stare at you*

*ants rain upon you*


  • You’re evil. We had a smattering of rain then a lot of heat recently so apparently the local ant community decided to take their party indoors. I woke up at midnight to the little darlings having a cotillion on my back. If there’s an article in the near future about a Huntington Beach resident found in his bed, stripped of all his skin, Imma punch you right in the mandibles

  • Just finished Thunderbird. I inhaled it in two days and now I’m sad cuz MORE MIRIAM PLEEEEASE!
    So glad I stumbled across you way back when.
    Congrats on everything, and man, I’m so glad I get to lurk at your blog. I guess some day you won’t have time to do that anymore, but for now….bliss. TY! xo

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