Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold The Magic Realism Bot

Someone suggested this one to me this week, and I sadly forget who (apologies!) — but there is a Twitter account called MAGICAL REALISM BOT. I don’t know if it’s really a bot or someone is actually creating or curating it, but it doesn’t matter.

Because it is brilliant.

Especially as fodder for flash fiction.

So, go look at it.

Pick a tweet.

Write a short story based on that tweet.

That’s it.

Go do it.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: Friday, August 11th, noon EST

Post online.

Give us a link in the comments.

The end.

22 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold The Magic Realism Bot”

  1. First one when I looked: “A woman finds a pair of spectacles which allow her to see every library on earth.” Given my obsession with libraries (especially magical ones), you’d think the bot made it just for me.

  2. Here is my effort from the prompt: “A drunk army major has a rare gift: He can understand the language of pine trees.” Please to enjoy!


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