Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspired By InspiroBot!

I advise you to click here:


There, you will find the ability to generate algorithmic inspirational memes.

Just like the one at the fore of this post.

You can either:

a) generate your own or

b) use the one above.

From there, design a piece of short fiction around that, um, “inspiration.”

Use the text in the story if possible.

Otherwise, just use it as a springboard to delightful story weirdness.

Length: ~1000 words

Due by: Friday, the 28th, noon EST

Post at your online space.

Link back here so we can all read it.

The end.

68 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspired By InspiroBot!”

    • It’s great. I spent some time generating “inspirations”, found a lot of interesting lines that would make great first lines of a story. One of my favorite funny lines Is “First comes the finger, then comes nudity” or “Learn to make your colleague come”.

      • Bahahahahahaha I saved so many. It was hard to pick just one. I might have to make it a weekly thing. I got things like, “The reptilians are planning to have faith in the men in the shadows” & “A ghost is eternal particles on vacation.” Best use of AI. lol

  1. Chuck!

    Great post! I was up to the Inspirobot challenge and posted it and linked back here. Had a grand time writing it. Thank you for that exercise, and your wonderful post about a bad day writing. I appreciate your wit. Take care,

  2. I clicked five times and got a different saccharine image each time, but all read the same:

    “Fear rimjobs”

    … Welp. I guess I’m off to write the most disgustingly terrifying incubus story I can.

  3. I got “Perversion is the procrastination of another demension.” With my terrible mind, I fear the outcome would be some strange alien romance not suitable for all viewers. L

  4. Has InspiroBot freaked out on anyone else? Flashing screen asking where am I, then a standby screen for InspiroCorp, and then a background of waves and soothing messages from InspiroCorp between quote generations? It’s hilarious but I have no idea what I did to trigger it.

      • Thank you! It felt like it was getting away from me a bit when I switched to the plural third, but I just plowed through. I gotta say, it was one of those satisfying times where it seems like what i intended and what I ended up with matched pretty well. I was going for a sort of kaleidoscope feeling, like each switch was a new slide clicking into view.

  5. These are generated randomly, by a computer algorithm, right?

    If so, we might need to be very afraid. I got the phrase “Can we reinvent entertainment?” accompanied by a picture of two flies ‘doing it.’ AI is either mocking us or has got us pegged far more than we realise.

  6. So the bot has little messages it displays between inspirational quotes. I just got “Bots are the next stage of evolution” then the quote it generated was “After evolution comes the attack”… I am very, very scared.

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