Flash Fiction Challenge: Create Your Own Monster

Today, a challenge to you:

I want you to come up with your own monster.

Not a vampire, not a werewolf, not a Loch Ness serpent or a Chupacabra. Something new. Something uniquely yours.

You will create this creature and give it life inside a piece of flash fiction.

Name it. Think about it in context of its environment. Make it a character all its own. You can write something horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or if you wanna take it for a more literary or literal spin, do so. It’s your monster. Take it for a walk where you want to walk it.

Story length: ~1500 words

Due by: Friday, 3/17, noon EST

Post at your online space.

Give us a link back here.


104 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Create Your Own Monster”

  1. […] Had a great date night with the boy child, and I owe it to Chuck Wendig. I get notifications in my email on blog posts by the author, Chuck Wendig. I love his blog, it’s funny, real and NSFW. Yesterday, he posted a flash fiction challenge ( which he does most Fridays) and you can find it here […]

  2. I’m new here. Please explain what it means what it says to post on your on line space. I’m just starting to write after many years of putting it aside and have never worked with an on line group.

    • Post a story on your own personal blog. From the URL bar, copy the link from your published blog post, and paste it into the comments section here.

      Be warned, this isn’t a group. It’s a chaotic, mania-induced FFA. You might get some reads, maybe some likes and a few comments, but you won’t get solid crits. If you’re looking to ‘work with’ a group for genuine feedback and crit, you’d be better looking around writing forums and buddying up/mentoring/script-swapping with like-minded folks (the people around here are crazy.)

  3. Here’s one that my son wrote a while back. I love this excuse–errrrr, good reason — to share it!
    Summary: Lieutenant James Harwood is sick of sitting around doing paperwork and wants to go chase bad guys. However, when the danger comes to him, hunting clues might be what kills him. Or worse….

    Tonight You Die; Tomorrow You Wake by Shay Shelton

  4. Here’s my story. My word count is a bit high (1,670), sorry about that. But according to my son the ending is pretty good. When I asked if it was spooky he said, “Not really. It’s kind of cheesy.” But, you know, he did say the ending was pretty good. Wait, could he have meant that it was good that it ended? Yikes!

    I hope you like cheesy monster stories with endings!
    Lonely Spirit: http://autismanswersbytsara.blogspot.com/2017/03/short-story-lonely-spirit-flash-fiction.html

    • “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.” My god, that’s the worst monster I’ve ever seen; the monster of a blank/missing page! 🙁

      I’m guessing the story hasn’t gone live yet. Will check back tomorrow. 😛

        • I posted mine last night, just after midnight my time, but it’s still waiting for approval this morning. That’s not a complaint, Chuck – we’re just trying to work out how best to deal with your spam filter 🙁

    • Let’s see if Blogger recognises me as human today!

      Great story, and I loved the very old-world, scientific zeitgeist. I can picture Mr. Archibald. D. Jones as a Victorian-era explorer, full of his own pomp and grandeur, believing that a superior mind can overcome any adversity. An unexpected style, but very enjoyable!

      (Note: Blogger did not recognise me as human today)

      • Many thanks! I thought it would look child-like, while at the same time touching on deeper themes… Something I usually don’t pull off.

        (Sorry to answer so late, I missed your comment completely).

  5. […] This week’s challenge was to create a monster. I’m not sure the hemadip I’ve created counts, at least not in the story here, which, let’s be honest, is not really a story so much as some sort of glorified Wikipedia entry. I had a hard time with this prompt. Next time you come across a leech in the wild, I hope this little vignette crosses your mind. […]

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