Star Wars: Empire’s End (Aftermath #3) Has Arrived


It’s done.

It’s here.

*deep breath*

*long exhale*

Finally, the epic tale of one liverwurst burrito can be told.

*checks notes*

Wait, that’s not right at all.


It’s time for Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End: Wait I Added An Additional Colon And Now I Don’t Know What Comes After It So Let’s Just Say, Uh, Um, Journey To The Last Jedi?

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The first Aftermath came out a year and a half ago in September of 2015, with me starting that novel only the January prior, and in that time I’ve written three of these things, and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased. It’s like I got to pick a literal star in this awesome galaxy and say, boop, that one’s mine. I get to own a little bit of narrative real estate in what is arguably the biggest pop culture storyworld of all time, one that I grew up with, one in which I have been brining and pickling myself since I was four years old. When someone comes up and hands you a metaphorical bowcaster and says, “We need you to finish off the Imperial Empire, so figure out how to work that thing and get to business,” yeah, yeah, hell yes I’m going to do it.

Occasionally, ahem, the journey has been a little fraught — some reaction to the first book in particular was rougher than I anticipated, and some of that is chalk-uppable to hey, not every book is for every reader, and I don’t necessarily write in the standard “tie-in fiction” style what with the present tense and such. Some of it was due to, er, other social forces, and then those social forces somehow manifested like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man except this one was a giant Evil Circus Peanut and then I guess oops we elected him president.

Back then I wasn’t actually sure if I wanted to write more Star Wars, but it’s been such a heady rush, and the team at Del Rey is aces, so I’d totally jump back in if invited. Meanwhile, if you want to check this one, it’s got all kinds of stuff. Hutts! Space battles! Maybe a Gungan! Jakku (that junkyard?)! Han and Leia! An auspicious birth! A huggable, cuddly murder-death-droid! References! Interludes! Sinjir being Sinjir! Wookiees! Stars! Wars! And more.

If you wanna read a short interview with me over at Sci-Fi Now about the experience, you may do so by making with the clicky-clicky.

Otherwise, please to enjoy the book.

I’ll see you on the other side of the war.

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