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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten More Titles (Round Two!)

Okay, so, a couple weeks ago I asked you guys to come up with three-word titles, and you did, in spectacular fashion. It fueled last week’s challenge.

And, because you were prolific and I am nothing if not a tremendously lazy human being, I’m going to dip back into the well for another ten titles. Pick one or use a random number generator to choose, then write a piece of short fiction to go along with the title.

One change this time around is my picks for title are not random —

I’m hand-picking ten that sound interesting.

Also, we’ll up the word count a little.

Get writing, word-nerds.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: Friday, Feb 24th, noon EST

Post online, give us a link in the comments.

Your ten titles to choose from (title creators in parentheses) are:

  1. She Broke Gods (thomasmhewlett)
  2. Gunslinger Ridge Experiment (EGUW)
  3. Wolves of Sorrow (powerjacob)
  4. Tomorrow’s Mirror Today (stephen cowles)
  5. Stars That Bleed (kirajessup)
  6. To Forbidden Passengers (lydie h)
  7. The Porcelain Cat (d.moulou)
  8. It Wants In (mollons)
  9. Sincerely, Your Mortician (AN)
  10. Burr Edge Jitterbug (m. oniker)