Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Titles From You


Last week I said, hey, gimme a three-word title, and a lot of you complied. I randomly chose ten, and here are those ten (in parentheses is the creator of the title).

  1. All Flags Fall (lbstribling)
  2. The Gallows Girls (travishall)
  3. Discount Skin Ticket (boydstun215)
  4. The Last American (mags)
  5. Guppy Must Die (jeanette hubbard)
  6. Omen of Seven (stella winters)
  7. Not Tonight, Honey (squeg)
  8. One Fell Swoop (kaitlyn)
  9. Not Today, Satan (momgoth)
  10. Long Way Home (alisa russell)

Your job now:

Choose one either freely or with a random number generator.

Then, write a story using that title.

Length: ~1000 words

Due by: 2/17, noon EST.

Post at your online space. Give a link in the comments so we can read it.

Go write.

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