Dearest Electors, Or, Ha Ha Ha What The Fuck Is Actually Happening In This Reality Show Nightmare That We Cannot Escape

Dearest Electors, And Also My Fellow Americans:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but things have gone slippery here in the ol’ States-That-Are-United. I feel like I’m watching one of those videos where a car hits a patch of ice in slow-motion and then drifts ineluctably down a hill toward an intersection, and we see it’s happening but we can’t do shit about it, just as the driver of that car couldn’t really do shit about it. Except this video is worse than any video I’ve seen, because the car is now sliding toward a school bus, and a church, and a zoo full of adorable animals, also a hospital, and at the end of it all is a nuclear munitions factory sitting on a fault line.

The news from President-Elect Trump’s side of the chasm comes fast and furious every day, and it’s never really good news. It veers somewhere between head-scratchingly odd and gut-churningly apocalyptic. It’s like watching TV in Bizarro-World. If I wrote this stuff in a novel, people would tell me it was too far-fetched for fiction. If I wrote it as satire, it’d be too on-the-nose, too crass, too clumsy. It’s all very confusing. We’re all very confused. We have a phrase amongst me and my fellow bewilderbeasts: this is not normal. But lately, that phrase has almost started to feel a bit toothless to me. We’ve set a benchmark for normal that includes George W. Bush’s run, because at this point I think we’d all gladly agree to another four years of him, instead. But normal is so small a signpost, and so far in our rearview. Abnormal isn’t even visible anymore from where we are. We’re in Fucking Cuckootown, Population All Of Us. We all live here now, it seems. The news is like being covered in fire ants. Each headline seems weirder and worse than the last. TRUMP ANNOUNCES MUMM-RA THE EVER-LIVING AS PICK TO HEAD SECRETARY OF STATE. MUMM-RA SAYS, “I’LL GET THOSE THUNDERCATS. ALSO I PLAN ON DISMANTLING CLIMATE CHANGE LAWS, WORKER PROTECTIONS, CIVIL RIGHTS, AND EACH YEAR INSTEAD OF PARDONING A TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING WE WILL CATAPULT A BAG OF KITTENS INTO THE SUN. MOSTLY, THOUGH, IT’S THE THUNDERCATS THING. ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL, TRANSFORM THIS DECAYING FORM!”

One of the aspects that is so far beyond normal to me is the fact that conservatives are… somehow on board with all of this. Listen, I get it, Trump ran on a platform of draining the swamp, and Crooked Hillary with her Evil Emails and also her Goldman-Sachs ties, and he was a Man for the People. But that hasn’t worked out. We aren’t even remotely heading in that direction. Trump is surrounding himself with the richest pay-for-play donors. (He’s also got a few generals up there in civilian roles, which is sounds a lot like a junta.) Trump is kissing-friends with Goldman-Sachs. Trump is bringing in people who have done a lot worse than Hillary in the email department. He’s not only failing to protect the American workers, but he’s glad to individually call them out on his Twitter feed like a vengeful god who is also somehow a poop-shellacked diaper-baby. And yet gods, that’s just the beginning of it.

He refuses to take intelligence briefings.

He’s surrounded himself with Nazi-Adjacents.

Kellyanne Conaway said he’ll stay on as a producer for The Apprentice, but then he gets on Twitter and rants about how CNN is “fake news” because that’s totally untrue, despite his own spokesperson saying it. (This is gaslighting, and please read Teen Vogue’s take on that.)

He provoked diplomatic conflict with China and India before he’s even in office.

He defended Duterte, who has idly suggested, oh, he wouldn’t mind slaughtering 3 million drug-users in his country because sure, that’s a thing you can do, and also, Duterte is a fan of Hitler ha ha ha oh shit.

Some of his people have signal boosted completely deluded ding-dong conspiracy theories about Democrat kid-toucher cabals operating out of secret Satanic pizza shops.

Pretty much every appointment he’s making are either people whose ethics place them as haters of the department they’re about to lead, or they’re just woeful incompetents who have no right to head their given department. I’m pretty sure for the EPA, Trump is going to appoint a guy spraying CFC hairspray into the air while dancing on a cairn of burning tires.

Like I said: Fucking Cuckootown.

Except — except! — somehow, we were not content with merely remaining in Fucking Cuckootown, oh no. No, no, no, no. We packed our bags and said, “I bet there’s something even wackier going on down the road,” and we all got in our cars and we headed on down to BATFUCK CITY, POPULATION EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE AND THIS IS FINE. Because now we are starting to see evidence that the state of our democracy is that it’s a finger puppet with a Russian middle finger up its ass. The wind has been whispering it for a while, and now we have intelligence agencies confirming it — not just that they intervened, but that they intervened on behalf of the candidate who won. (A candidate who “won,” by the way, by losing the popular vote and whose margin in battleground states was so thin you could slip it under a door.)

I just want you to take a moment with that.

Swish it around in your mouth.

Savor that for a while.

Surely some of you are fans of cinema. Maybe you like, oh, I dunno, The Hunt for Red October. Or you enjoy an Indiana Jones movie once in a while. Could be instead that you’re a student of history, or at least a fan of The History Channel, back before their version of ‘history’ was about UFO Sasquatches. And if you watched The History Channel, you probably remember, oh, mmm, I dunno, the Russians and the Germans were not positive role models on the world stage. Do we remember the Cold War? No, I know it wasn’t fun, but it was better than just handing over the keys to the American Experiment, wasn’t it?

Let’s enjoy a brief timeline:

Trump asks, back in July, in a press conference, if Russian hackers will find Hillary’s emails. (We remember Hillary’s emails, right? The ones we printed out and braided into a noose to hang her with?)

WikiLeaks hits Hillary, and only Hillary.

Hillary warns us in a debate that Trump is Putin’s “puppet.”

Comey gets one last dig in just before the election. THE EMAILS THE EMAILS OMG wait j/k.

This also times out with PizzaGate, which is created almost literally out of thin air.

Trump is elected.

After he’s elected, we learn that Trump’s team had contact with Russia.

We also learn that Giuliani was in contact with Comey.

And now, 17 intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, confirm that there was election meddling with the explicit goal to elect Trump — and it was Russia, or one-step removed from Russia. And funnily enough (ha ha ha *sob*), Trump on the same day announces that his potential secretary of state is Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO who is also (ha ha ha *weep*) pals with Putin. For extra-credit, Trump sided with Russia and against the CIA in this report. I want you to crystallize that in your mind: a Republican president-elect just doubted the intelligence from the CIA to prop up Russia. This is a man who has no experience as a politician or a leader who routinely rejects intelligence briefings in order to say, nah, I don’t buy it, thanks.

This is not sensational. This is not fake news.

This is really happening. (Or, worse, has already happened.)

This deserves investigation, for one. I don’t care if it was the Girl Scouts who did it, it still demands a deeper look — especially because this is a foreign power who would benefit from us losing our power on the world stage. Consider the book, The Foundations of Geopolitics, by Alexander Dugin. Dugin, a Russian political scientist who is chummy with Putin and who influences policy at a high level, wrote about a return to Russian power. In regards to the US:

‘Russia should use its special forces within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism. For instance, provoke “Afro-American racists”. Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.’

(For extra-chilling reading, check out what happens to Russian foes. Hint: it involves being discredited with planted child pornography. Whispers of PizzaGate, or worse. Is this what will happen to Trump’s foes?)

(And hey, what did Dugin say after Trump was elected? Oh, here it is: “Washington is ours.”)

That’s not —




I mean, shit. Fuck. Shitfuck.

That’s not good, people.

You get the sense that, if we’re not careful, we’re all going to end up as butt-puppets.

Now, let’s ask:

What can we all do?

Well, for those of us who are not electors, we can write to our representatives. Our local representatives are best, as Emily Ellsworth has noted on Twitter. I would argue we should ask they continue to investigate Russia’s presence in our election, and further, demand an audit of the election. We should know what has transpired.

If you’re an elector —

It’s time for a hard discussion.

You have a job and arguably that job is to vote for the person who won the election.

Now, of course, that’s a bit wibbly-wobbly, isn’t it? Because one candidate gained nearly three million votes more than the guy we’re about to put into the Oval Office. But even there, I understand your job as the electoral college is separate from the popular vote. I also understand that maybe, once upon a time, you thought Trump was the Right Guy. He made promises. Drain the swamp. Get rid of crooked crony government. Big talk. None of it looks true, though, does it? He’s betrayed the promises. He’s not even in the chair and he’s failed us in innumerable ways.

And then there’s the Russia thing.

Listen, there’s maybe a part of you that says, hey, I don’t want another Cold War. And maybe these Russian hackers, maybe they exposed some truth on our behalf and we should just shrug and look the other way.

A few problems with that though, my dear elector.

First, if it can happen to them, it can happen to you. Meaning, if External Forces decide in a future election that your party is the problematic one, they’ll hack it the other way. The GOP has traditionally been hard-lined toward Russia — it is not outside the realm of possibility that they will sow discord in the other direction.

Second, considering everything I said earlier, it might be worth realizing that Russia is not a benevolent player. Sure, we don’t want another Cold War. Nobody wants a war of any kind. But if that war is coming to our doorstep, then it behooves us to not… just open the door, right? If a guy with a gun is at our door, we don’t let him in because we don’t want damage done to the door.

Third, if we allow this to stand, then the American Experiment as we know it is over, at least for a while. We will have ceded our power on the global stage. We will be a puppy showing its belly to the wolf standing above us.

(If you need an example of a principled conservative standing up against this on the daily, look no further than the Twitter feed of Evan McMullin.)

Put succinctly, we are in trouble.

Which is where you come in.

Let’s re-frame these political shitnanigans as what they’ve become:

A reality show.

Our PEOTUS is a reality show host.

It has routinely attracted our eyes in a lurid, reality-show way.

Trump used to host The Apprentice, created in part with Mark Burnett, but let’s instead look to another of Burnett’s shows: let’s look at Survivor.

I watch Survivor, and the big thing of the show these days is when all the survivors go to tribal council, and they vote out someone who wasn’t expecting it. The show puts up a hashtag: #blindside. Because that’s what it is. Some survivor who felt supremely comfortable in how they were controlling the game is suddenly sent packing when the rest of the tribe revolts privately against them. This happened, arguably, to Clinton — and some part of the electorate cheered. But now, we’ve gone the other way. The swamp was only drained so we could harvest the swamp monsters that had been slumbering in the bottom muck. So let’s do it again. Let’s blindside. It’s entertaining! It’s fun! And you can do it, electors. It’s on you. You can make the vote. You can change history. You can deliver the greatest blindside that the American Reality Show will have ever seen. Vote Trump off the island. If you can, some of you also need to vote for Clinton (I know, I know, her emails!) to get her to 270 electoral college votes.

This is, I get it, the Hail Maryest of the Hail Marys.

It’s unlikely.

And I don’t know what happens if it happens.

But we’ve already got one.

And maybe more of you are waiting in the wings.

Let’s not give up the American Experiment just yet.

Let’s embrace the democracy you still have as electors.

Let’s blindside the hell out of our Comrade-in-Chief.

“You ask for miracles? I give you, the electoral college.


  • The fake news cycle drove a lot of the wretched crap we’re dealing with now, and it isn’t likely to get better without serious changes in the way people research news before regurgitating it onto social media. The Russian links to what’s gone on (and will continue to go on) is flat out scary and I hope the electors hear about all of it before they cast their votes.

  • Hugs and thank you for speaking up, now and in the past. I’m scared–no I’m terrified–with the situation and I don’t even live in the country. What’s happening there affects everyone and everything in the world. I have hope though. We can’t lose hope.

  • Just want to say, a subscription to Teen Vogue is $5 per year!
    My daughters are 7. I’ve already ensured they will be subscribed to Teen Vogue until they are old enough to vote.
    Keep up the good work.

  • First time I’ve actually laughed since. Okay, that’s out of the way. Doubt it’ll happen again soon. So I’ll do what I did with your post-election rant — send it out, send it out, send it out. To people I think will be inspired, because I AM. Thank you, crazy person. I am very glad you returned from that foreign country Hawaii. I was very much afraid you’d emigrated, especially when I found out you had your child with you (a sure giveaway, I thought. Glad I was wrong). Please keep on keeping on. We need you now, and we will surely need you if the electors don’t catch on that this is an emergency. Actually, you’ll be my canary. They’ll come for you in the early batch. When I don’t hear from you, I’ll know the battle is lost. So barricade and write on. LOVE.

  • No thank you. I’d rather not see our republic undermined from reactionary fear over the same kind of apocalyptic rhetoric that the Republicans were (rightly) criticized for when Obama won.

    This kind of thinking isn’t helpful. Solving this problem means less clueless anger and end-times sooth-saying, and more self-awareness about how ignoring a huge swath of Americans led to elevating Trump. We need to look inward and address our faults instead of screaming with impotent anger at the other side for serving us our bitter medicine.

    • Is there no room in your plan of “bitter medicine” for an investigation into what Russia really did or did not do? This is not just a conspiracy theory. This is from the CIA.

    • Our republic has ALREADY been undermined. This shit is burning down before our very eyes. I’m scared, and rightly so. I’m also angry. Also rightly so.

      Conservatives weren’t legitimately afraid after President Obama won, they just hated him because they believed he’d sully the White House. They didn’t fear Russia, or China, or North Korea… no, they feared losing their guns. They weren’t ignored, they feared losing their self-imagined superiority.

      Personally, I don’t believe that we should allow a puppet to sit in the Oval Office. What better way to end the American Experiment than by presenting the USA to Putin, all tied up with a big, fat bow?

      Fuck that, I’ll rant and rage and fight, thank you.

  • I know it’s your blog and everything Chuck, but isn’t there already enough steaming piles of political diatribe in every nook and corner of the internet? I desperately need a tiny space of commercial free text about writing & horror and advice and such. So many of us come here to escape “IT”, let us. Please. I beg you. I want my old Chuck back. And to be honest, after I saw the first few worlds that referenced “IT” i stopped reading and scrolled to the bottom to leave this comment. Bless you man for giving all you do, and I know you are passionate about your political beliefs – but stop. And I say that with love.

    • Explain to me what you feel that Chuck should stop posting about something he’s obviously very passionate about.
      Something that’s a very real danger right now… something that is a pretty fucking important topic for Americans and indeed, for the entire world.
      Just please, because I don’t understand this kind of entitlement, explain to me why your need for non-political posts supersedes his right to post whatever he feels like posting on his own blog.

    • You’re going to get more than enough horror, don’t worry about that. And as for writing advice, “isn’t there already enough steaming piles of political diatribe” should be “aren’t there already enough”. And there aren’t, not if Chuck’s post is an example. How ’bout you just stop. I say that with love.

    • I’m sure Chuck would like the old Chuck back too – the one who didn’t live in bizarro-world and who wasn’t scared for the future of his family, friends and country. But he is. To me, your objection is like people on FB saying they want others to stop posting about ‘politics’ now that the election is over. ‘Politics’ is philosophy. Politics is a discussion about whether fiscal conservatism can be combined with social activism. It’s a polite or not so polite disagreement about how the budget should be divided. This is life. This is a country in the process of destroying itself. This is people in actual fear of their lives from their own country-folk. I know we all need a break from contemplating the horror. We all need to talk about other things AS WELL, but how can we NOT talk about this? How can any of us be silent?

    • Maybe it’s a sign that you need to pay attention to what is going on if it’s showing up everywhere.

      Maybe it’s not a time to escape, but to understand and accept the state of things rather than try to run away and hide from it, pretend nothing is going on.

      The bubble is shrinking. Soon there will be nowhere to go. May as well prepare now.

    • Last I checked, a person’s personal blog could be about whatever they want to write about. You have all the freedom in the world not to read it — as you elected to do with most of this post. Not everyone is sanguine about the unbelievable nightmare this country is becoming, and Chuck is giving voice to what a lot of people are feeling with a much bigger platform (i.e. readership), and that’s all to the good.

    • I understand that feeling. However, only arrogant presumption would assume that another person’s personal expression must change to suit our own convenience or comfort. Never ask someone to change their expression because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable for you. And really, I do say that with love, too. It’s okay to step back. If someone has something to say that you are uncomfortable hearing, you are under no obligation to stay and listen. Take a break. But do think about precisely what is uncomfortable to listen to and consider why that is, and what you might learn from it.

    • With love, I say, no. Sorry?

      This is the blog. This isn’t even NEW to the blog. I’ve been political. I will continue to be political. I will write posts that are also not political. Read those. Skip these. Not hard.

    • How about you just don’t read what you don’t want to read? Where do you get off telling somebody what they can and can’t write about? Kind of a jerk move. The blog is free, read it or don’t.

  • Anyone else hoping that several Electors are going to vote differently, but they are just keeping quiet about it due to fear? Hate that anyone feels fear, but I’m thinking there have to be more than just the few we’ve heard from…

  • I’m with Paul LeBlanc. “It” is everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be. Everywhere, I mean.
    But, like he said, this is Chuck’s space. He can use it as he pleases. I’m just hoping he pleases to move on to other things soon.

  • I just had a grown (presumably) man tell me on Facebook that the Russian hacking the election is “unsubstantiated,” but we really need to look into the uranium Hillary sold to the Russians. Because that was real and not made up by Breitbart at all.

    We are doomed.

  • Well reading this has confirmed one thing for me … I need to put on my headphones and listen to a Chuck Wendig book and pretend the world around me doesn’t exist for a while. LALALALALALA


  • The Electoral College hasn’t functioned the way it was intended to in nearly two hundred years. Right now it works in a manner more consistent with custom than a strict reading of the Constitution. Perhaps this is the moment to discard custom– but if we do, we need to come up with a functioning replacement system PDQ. Not sure we can do that in the present political climate.

    But it was supposed to be a check on demagogues. Be nice if it worked this once…..

  • You have valid concerns, but I’d caution against hyperbole in either direction and, yes, I think the liberal/Democrat side has engaged in an alarming degree of that. Not saying there isn’t cause for concern nor that everyone shouldn’t be proactive about this, but all is not lost.

    For one thing, the Russians may have influenced the information in the campaign cycle to help Trump, but they can’t do dick about how we actually vote for what happens now. Not only are there plenty of old school GOP loyalists who despise the Orange One, the Democrats still have enough numbers to filibuster.

    Even if the electors don’t slide it over to Clinton (and if they do, we’ve then got the real potential for a hot war with Russia over a Syrian no fly zone to contend with), Trump being in office surrounded by cronies doesn’t mean he’ll manage to do anything. The GOP blocked President Obama, now it’s their turn. I can see a lot of conflict between the oval office and Congress. I can also see a pattern of Democratic obstruction shutting things down, just like the Republican party did to the outgoing POTUS.

    Let’s hope the scenario I just described plays out for two years. Then in 2018 let’s get everyone out there to the polls, vote in a Democrat Congress and shut him down until 2020.

    • I’d argue you’re being weirdly optimistic, here. Trump being in office surrounded by cronies — and surrounded by a GOP who will still likely mostly empower him — allows him to overwrite an unholy host of protections that common Americans enjoy. That’s the GOOD news. The BAD news is, with Russia involved, we literally have no idea what to expect if they have figuratively or literally infiltrated the highest halls of our government.

  • I can honestly say I liked your blog a lot more when you posted stuff about writing, maybe some family stuff not and again. Getting way to political and preachy. I’m going to ear march the page, but I’m thinking about moving on. Rants like this do not accomplish anything. If you where really upset about the situation you’d write your representatives and encourage them to change the things you don’t like instead of wasting your time adding to the static.

    • I have written my representatives, and if you’ll notice, I recommend people do exactly the same in this post.

      Here’s a funny trick:

      You don’t have to read everything here at the blog.

      You can just zoom right on past it to the things where I talk about my family — like I did just the other day — or writing, which I do damn near every week.

  • Have abandoned apocalyptic novel project I was working on as can no longer keep up with reality. Figuring spend more time with the family because the f—king doomsday clock is ticking. Have a good Christmas!

  • The silly thing about this rant is that eight years ago the righties were saying virtually the same thing and predicting the apocalypse. And guess what, it didn’t happen.

    • No, Steve, they weren’t.

      Your false equivalency flag won’t fly here.

      Yes, conservatives were freaking out about Obama, and they thought they were getting some wacko liberal who was going to destroy everything, and they acted like it for eight years, too. As is their right. But what they did not say was, “Russia intervened on behalf of Obama, so says a number of vital intelligence agencies.” What they did not say was, “McCain won the popular vote.” What they didn’t say was, “Obama just caused *another* international incident with Twitter even before he was elected.” Because none of that shit happened, Steve. The Trump timeline, pound for pound, item by item, does not match the Obama timeline. Literally at all.

      Facts matter, Steve. Facts matter.

    • I can NOT understand people’s comparisons between the Right’s whiny-esque reactions to President Obama and his wins, and reasonable people’s VERY VALID FEARS since Drumpf “Not My Fucking President” Circus Peanut’s popular vote loss in which he somehow secured the electoral vote*.

      Blatant, groundless, alarmist accusations regarding a president “takin’ mah guns!” and “roonin’ ‘Murica!” ≠ legitimate fears regarding the very real threat to our rights and the actual possibility of WAR, versus whoever tires of Drumpf’s shit first and tries to wipe us from the map.

      It’s not just comparing apples to oranges… heh, oranges… *ahem* No… it’s comparing ambrosia to a rotting pile of fruit that’s been composting for a few weeks and is attracting ALL OF THE cockroaches and flies and maggots.

      *Just goddammit… =/

  • Yeah, the funny thing is I’ve had to sit through conservative family members doing mental back flips legitimizing this guy with comments like, “Well, he just has to surround himself with good people.” Hahaha, nope. A person with a background of nothing but criminally bad decisions throughout his whole life isn’t going to start being a wise leader now.

    Then it’s followed up by, “Well, at least Trump isn’t Hillary. Damn her and those emails! The emails. THE EMAILS. AHHHHH!!!” That email “scandal” looks cute by comparison now.

    I really love but hate my family.

    • I think we are related – your family sounds like my family. And then the best one yet with Trump blowing off intel briefings, “He’s not even in office YET!” Yeah, well, maybe he should prepare.

  • It seems like every day DT and the McConnell Congress are providing us with more and more evidence that what they fully intend to do is dismantle every part of the federal government except the parts that directly benefit their cronies and donors. DT is a con man, but he’s always done business like a gangster. He is, in fact, the American Putin and will govern in exactly the same way Putin has.

    If you want to live in Russia, Trump Apologists, please pack your shit and move. But in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of decent hardworking creative and progressive Russians have actually moved HERE. Where they are trying to live the American Dream.

    Nobody has a Russian Dream except for gangsters.

  • Yikes, you hit a nerve here it seems… I have to say, I agree that there is too much coverage of the PEOTUS and his nightmare circus. Actually even started tuning out of my daily NPR cus I can’t deal with it being so constant.

    HOWEVER the thing I am actually sick of is the “fair and balanced” approach to it all. Facts are, he is a demonstrable liar, a rabble-rouser, and a phony, and he doesn’t deserve fairness. I am sick of “journalists” giving him this “impartial” treatment, claiming it is their job to be “neutral,” blah blah blah. They weren’t neutral to Obama, or Clinton, or Bernie, or Kasich, or Rubio, or Trayvon, or pretty much anyone ever, and now they cry about their “dilemma” in reporting on Trump’s “inconsistencies” as if they actually care. Pfft.

    Anyway, I could seriously go on and on… But the point is, thank you, Chuck, for being on the side of good and writing about it – it’s refreshing, and nice to know I am not a crazy person for wondering WTF all the time these days. Keep it up and write what you want, man.

    • Pardon me if I’m going too far here, Chuck… but might I suggest that you fuck off, Guy? How dare you think that you have the right to tell Chuck, or any of us, how to feel?

      Your posts might not be so ignorant if you offered some kind of discussion, but you’re just being insulting.

  • December 13, 2016 at 4:02 PM // Reply

    Powerful positions attract people seeking power. Donald Trump didn’t run for the presidency because of the salary or the two-hundred-year old house. He ran because of the power. Now the same government that forced people to get into a health care program or suffer a penalty will be used at Trump’s pleasure. He, too, will have the pen and the phone. The solution to stopping future Trumps, is to stop government from being too powerful. And as a bonus, if we’re not out there telling other countries what to do in their own borders, maybe other countries won’t be so interested in hacking our elections.

  • Yes! Your words are music to my ears. While I am not a fan of Hillary (Bernie Sanders forever!) I hate Trump with a passion. Thank you for saying this.

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