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Macro Monday Has To Go Back To The Island, Kate

Man, I want to go back to Maui. Just fuck off on a plane. Kick it around some sand. Drink some tiki drinks. Pretend the world has not gone bugshit batty.


Wee bits of news:

INVASIVE still on sale! Why? I assume a colony of ants got into the UNIVERSAL E-BOOK SERVERS and nibble-hacked it so to promote their PRO-ANT agenda. Whatever. Point is, you can still grab it for $2.99 at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. Please go grab it! Or spread the word. Or both. It’s a free trip to Hawaii, after all. Plus, there’s a praying mantis named Buffy. Also, here’s a pretty good review of the book. Takeaway excerpt:

‘There are elements of Invasive that remind me of Jurassic Park in particular but I soon came to the conclusion that this is no bad thing and I lapped it up. All of it. This is a thrilling novel of survival quite apart from the fascinating science behind these rather unpleasant critters and it becomes increasingly intense as the numbers of survivors dwindle one by one and the ants themselves look set on an escape to the mainland. The chaos and murder they wreak is horrifyingly chilling and lovingly described. A part of me wanted to look away but the rest of me couldn’t.

I loved the character of Hannah. She’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders, thanks to her parents, and this is dealt with brilliantly by Chuck Wendig. She has so much to fight against and she manages it even though it’s so hard. Agent Cooper has his own problems and it’s all the more telling that he has to rely on Hannah who really could do with some care herself. But despite, or because of, her problems, Hannah’s humour is something she relies upon and this is a novel full of witty, sharp dialogue. It really is such a pleasure to read.

If you read a novel about killer ants you want it to make your skin itch, your spine shudder and your pulse beat faster. Invasive achieved this perfectly. The whodunnit element is satisfyingly done and, chillingly, we go from one crisis to another, from one bloody death to another – I couldn’t turned these pages quickly enough. Fast, gory, horrific, clever, witty, disgusting, itchy – Invasive ticks all the techno thriller boxes while also managing to put me off ants quite considerably.’

Also, only a couple more days to get in on the AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTO CONTEST. Do this now. We’ve even got a couple fancy-pants PROFESSIONAL AUTHORS taking part. Lotta entries so far. Great deal of fun. Snap your pic, send it to me, enjoy the mirth.

I think this is the first review of THUNDERBIRD out in the wild. It’s a bit spoilery, be advised. Takeaway quote:

‘Wendig returns to his signature anti-heroine with renewed vigor and delivers a knockout thrill-ride full of twists, scares, emotionally resonant moments, and a whole heap of action that also moves the plot forward. It oddly feels like the book that puts Miriam’s world most in line with the one we’re living in…’

And today I attack the second draft of the fifth Miriam book, THE RAPTOR & THE WREN.

So, wish me luck.

Oh and hey! HowStuffWorks has a video interview with me filmed at NYCC. I talk about writing and Star Wars and stuff. “Chuck Wendig Will Make You A Writer.”

And luck unto you on this most malevolent of Mondays.

Here are some pretty flowers.