Macro Monday Soothes Your Election Worries With Waterdrops

This election season has been about the most stressful in recent memory. And it’s hard, because we have two of the most corrupt candidates in recent memory, too — we have one candidate who was lacking on her email security, and we have another candidate who is made of weaponized gonorrhea and who would walk back every privilege that you possess as an American just to get one delicious blowjob from a Russian dictator. I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU WOULD CHOOSE BETWEEN THOSE TWO OBVIOUSLY EQUAL AND EVIL CANDIDATES.

Anyway. Like I said: stressful.

So! To relax, to calm thy soul, to soothe thine genitals, I am giving to you a series of macro waterdrop shots, because I find macro waterdrop shots to be very serene and very lovely to stare at. The first four shots are new, the rest will be some older photos. Please, stare at the baubles of water. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the serenity fill you.

Let us begin.

27 responses to “Macro Monday Soothes Your Election Worries With Waterdrops”

  1. I think I’m going to make this into a slide show and play meditation music with it. And watch it. All day. For two days. Possibly all the days. Thank you for the soothing, Chuck.

    • Yes, great idea! Slide show – I wish I could just put it on my office wall to play endlessly, soothingly…while i listen to Hamilton over and over and over again (that is my coping mechanism.)

  2. Beautiful but difficult to ignore the surface tension. Chuck, you sneaky artist. Look at you with your aesthetically pleasing double entendre!

  3. Let’s make waterdrops great again. Make waterdrops winners. Oh god I’ve been infected. The Atlantic clearly isn’t a big enough barrier to stop the drift of airborne carcinotrump virus.

  4. What has amazed me the most about this election cycle is the extreme drama in voter reactions. I don’t understand why people are so stressed and I don’t understand the meanness and violence among the ideologues on both sides. If we have bad candidates, it’s our own fault. Let’s do better next time.

    • Patricia, for many people in this country (possibly all the people in this country), Trump represents a genuinely existential threat. This isn’t us whipping out needless polarity — this is one candidate who is, almost certainly, the worst candidate who has ever been put up for the Oval Office. I think it’s fair to get upset about that.

      • I would add also, Chuck, for many people AROUND THE WORLD. I have never been so invested in an American election and I have never before worried about my children’s future should there be the wrong outcome.
        Good luck guys.
        Thank you for the pretty pictures!! I feel very soothed, except for after the first one which reminded me of spider eyes, and freaked me out a bit.

  5. Just what I needed to see today, thank you! Especially after setting aside my morning newspaper–too much “ugly” for breakfast. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature to nudge things back into perspective!

  6. Work exceedingly good, very fine composition of 6,8,9,11; should offer as wallpaper. As for the election, I’m reading comic books and waiting for Superman.

  7. You jest, but those were pretty soothing. Beautiful shots in there. I especially loved the feather.
    Happy voting. I have champagne and everclear on hand, so I’m ready for either outcome.

  8. Thank you. I needed that. Taking lots of deep breaths.

    Don’t forget to vote to the bottom of the ballot, everyone. Those local issues and races are hugely important.

  9. I have come back to this post several times in the last few days just to stare at the pretty and take deep breaths. Lovely. Thank you.

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