Flash Fiction Challenge: Finish That Scary Story

Here’s the prior round!

Same rules apply.

Go there. Read up on the stories. Pick one that already has its second part written as per the last challenge. Then, it’s time to finish it. Do not choose one where you have already written. Choose a new one. Continue the tale and, more importantly, conclude the tale. Make sure to drop links to the previous two stories — and author credit to those writers! — in your new post.

Due by Friday, Oct 28th, noon EST.

Write up to 1000 words.

Leave a link in the comments below, and again, be sure to share credit where due.

36 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Finish That Scary Story”

    • Nice ending. I wondered if the boy would make a comeback 😉 I’ll add a link to it at the end of my post too. Thanks for finishing the story.

      • Hey, you’re welcome. Being an Aussie, I thought to use my favourite holiday place in the story to give it a real feel… Brunswick Heads is a real place, so is Harry’s Hill… and I’ve been to that very place on New Year’s Day – very quiet and secluded on such a day. 😀 For such a small town, Brunswick Heads knows how to party. 😀

        I also used to own a copy of ‘The Amityville Horror’ for a split-second… 😛 Not a book for the faint-hearted…. so I used a few things out of that; as well as some things from other horror movies and books I’ve seen and read. 🙂

  1. Here is my ending to Stranger at the table

    Part one is here https://cheesywriterblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/stranger-at-the-table/
    and part two is here https://mxgomez.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/stranger-at-table-part-ii/

    I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge and I’ve learned heaps too, about Iowa and drying corn, and cars and what music is popular in Iowa apart from Taylor Swift and Eminem (scary). And I learned that Humansville is a real place and not just a made up name, go figure. 🙂 This isn’t the ending that I had in mind when I started writing because that one would have been four times the word limit but I am quite pleased with it just the same. Hope you like it too.


    • Thanks for bringing my little beginning to an awesome conclusion, particularly the empowerment aspect of it. I’m glad you liked the setting. I wanted to engage in the horror-aspects of large scale rural agriculture (yes to corn drying for storage and gravity bins and grain elevators and wild pigs!). My maternal grandmother’s family are hog farmers in rural Missouri. There are some real dark stories from that branch of the family tree, so I’ve always found the mid-west eerie. Great job!

  2. I have completed what is fondly called the Fat Man in a Toilet story.
    Part one by Sertysh: https://hikelylads.wordpress.com/author/sertysh/
    Part two by Rebekah Spark: http://www.cre8tivelife.net/flash-fiction/flash-fiction-scary-story-challengepart-two-of-sertyshs-story
    Their parts are wonderfully eerie.

    The last part can be found here: https://cheesywriterblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/collaborative-story-part-iii/

    I hope I didn’t take too many liberties with the story line, but certainly enjoyed doing it.

    It is now 7:30pm and I’m alone in the commercial kitchen, a long, dark stretch of gravel and yard between me and my house, and am utterly creeped out after completing the story. I might have to call my mate to bring a flashlight. Mission accomplished?

    • I didn’t see you had also done this story, we must have been “awaiting moderation” at the same time (and I already posted this in the wrong place under my own story).

      And by the way, I love how you finished the story! It’s great to see how both our stories are similar in the lady being the enemy of the creature, yet go in different directions. And oh your ending… that’s brilliant!

      • Thanks! I really liked your ending as well. It’s great how two people take the same story and do two completely different things with it.

  3. Finding a story that wasn’t yet finished was hard… But there was one still hidden, and one I liked besides.

    Part One by Nate F is here: https://linemeetsand.com/2016/10/13/flash-fiction-challenge/

    Part Two, Ashore, by Pavowski, is here: https://accidentallyinspired.com/2016/10/15/ashore-flash-fiction-horror-pt-2/

    And Part Three, Confrontation, by me, is here: https://medium.com/@VicenteLRuiz/confrontation-103780bd31d1#.labmg82oi

    Thanks for the two first parts!

    • I’m really bummed that nobody wanted to finish ‘Bubble’… not even a part 2 for me to finish it off in my own time.

      that sucks like nothing else.

      Guess I gave everyone something that was in the too hard basket.

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