What Fiction Can Do For The Writer And The Reader

The power of fiction is a slippery, elusive thing — what it provides is not scientific, and often ephemeral. But stories matter. Stories shape the world. And sometimes we don’t necessarily realize how it’s shaping the world — or how it’s shaping us as the writer and those who read what we put out there. Sometimes I get emails, though, about how a book of mine affects people, and that’s what starts us ON THIS GLORIOUS STORIFIED JOURNEY.

Let us begin.

6 responses to “What Fiction Can Do For The Writer And The Reader”

  1. Being currently laid up at home recovering from multiple (as in, over 1000) ant bites, I’ll pass on the image of anyone being even belligerently accosted by ants.
    But definitely solidly behind you on the idea that fiction can help us learn how to face what frightens us, and that it can empower us.
    It’s why I’ll always be a Wendigo.
    Rock it, Chuck. Word.

    • Wait, what? Really? First, I’m sorry to hear about that. The ants, I mean. Second, it sounds like there’s a story lurking there. Do you mind sharing?

  2. Never a truer word/post, Chuck! My current w-i-p deals with a lot of demons from my past – albeit through the carnival-mirror-view of a future dystopian world.I had to wait a lot of years before I was emotionally ready to write it, but even if it’s never good enough to actually publish, it’ll be worth every hour I spent on it.


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