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Flash Fiction Challenge: Genre-Flip An Iconic Scene

Here’s a bit of a noodle —

I want you to take a scene from, mm, let’s go with a well-known story. Ideally, it’ll be something we’ve all seen or read — so, Die Hard, Lord of the RingsStar Wars. Even better if the scene you pick is something iconic — the showdown between John McClane and Hans Gruber, the OH SHIT YOU’RE MY EVIL SPACE DADDY scene between Luke and Vader.

Take that scene.

And rewrite it.

The trick is, rewrite it with a new genre.

What genre it ends up with is your call. Star Wars as a horror film? Die Hard in an epic fantasy context? Your call. You can change the characters and situation appropriately — though again, ideally it becomes something iconic and recognizable even with those changes.

Write it down, ta-da, that’s this week’s challenge.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: September 16h, Friday, noon EST.

Post at your place.

Drop the link below.